Carter Bridge Adventures.

When I was a child, I loved going to the market with my mother, it wasn’t until my second year at Uniben when I went to Uselu market with Rosemary that I understood why some people hated going to the market with their mother.

We walked past every stall in that market at least five times and must have spoken to every trader at least twice. She ended up shaving off more than one thousand naira from my budget of about 3,500 naira but I never went with her again. 1,000 naira even as of 2007 was not worth that stress to me, no effing way.

My mother always has a clear sense of direction when she’s going to the market, she knows what she wants, how much she’s going to get it and who she’s buying it from. Barring traffic, she can tell you to the nearest ten minutes when she’d be back from the market.

Today she decided to go to Idumota and Balogun to get some things, I was free this morning and decided to follow her. I haven’t gone to Idumota with her in a long time – maybe since January 2013 when we went to get the suit I wore for my induction. We’ve been to Balogun several times since then but Idumota… I don’t think so.

I like going to Idumota because I can stand on the overhead bridge and watch the three major bridges in Lagos spread out before me, it’s always a thrill to take pictures and compare them with older pictures of the same place. I didn’t get to climb the overhead bridge and take pictures today because we took a side bridge down. After buying some items including one pretty grey bra (that would replace my dying trusted black bra). I found myself on the other side of the road in front of the drug market.

One of the old pictures, this is from 2018

I didn’t even think about climbing the overhead bridge today; because when my mother is on a mission she can put a drill sergeant to shame. We walked from there to Balogun market where she went to buy lace material for a funeral in the family and in that place I found shops selling the most amazing handbags for ridiculous prices.

Side view of my mother, if she kills me for this… I died for a good cause.

My plan was to walk along Lagos Island until I got to Tafewa Balewa Square but I decided to go home with my mother and even though she hid it well, she was thrilled to have me accompany her. She really likes my company – yes I am ‘priding’ in this fact.

I saw a bag for 9,000 naira that would go for 25k or more in most shops. In mall boutiques it could easily be sold for 50k. Thankfully my account which has money in it is locked and I went to the market with 3,000. Well, I’d still go there when I have some money, I definitely have to get at least two bags.

Crowded market…

I stopped halfway on the way home to run an errand for her; I got home around 1pm. I had to write this to clear off the cobwebs on the blog as well as record my adventure today. I’m headed for an exciting museum tomorrow and hopefully, I’d write about it.

How have you been? What’s new with you? Tell me in the comments.

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