Be Badass…

Today on Quora, I was moved by an answer to this question – What is the most badass thing your parents have ever done.

A young teenager (the writer of the story) received a gift for Christmas. It was a desktop computer from his grandparents in the early 1990s. When he went to the university, he left his computer at home because his dorm room was so small that it barely even had enough room for the beds.

His father began to use his computer and soon developed an interest in programming and coding. He began to learn more about that area and spent a year perfecting his skills before quitting his job as a manager in a textile factory and the family had to rely on his mother’s salary as a secretary.

Of course, he did it with his wife’s support, if not that ship wouldn’t have sailed.

Anyway, he soon got a foothold in the industry and soon began to make a shitload of money. he made far more money as a programmer than he had done as a manager, at a textile plant. In a few years, the textile industry tanked and he would have lost his job anyway but wouldn’t have had anything to fall back on if he hadn’t taken that chance.

Did I forget to tell you that the man was in his 50s when he made the switch?

In this time of global uncertainty, it is harder to think about taking risks. This writer isn’t particularly fond of taking them herself. However, I think we don’t all have to quit our jobs and wade into the deep. But we can at least, try and stretch a little.

Who knows what magic we’d find if we open our eyes and minds? Or what wonders we would find if we are only willing to try? I am writing this for me most of all. Adaezenwa… just try.

I really hope we all get to launch out to do great things this year, to fly and even falter a little and to find great rewards in unexpected places. I wish that we are excellent in our dealings this year, even in our mundane routines, even in our exciting journeys.

It’s time to be badass, art thou ready?


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