Rora… Careful… Easy…

There are three places where I can start this post from, three of them tug at me and it didn’t seem fair to let one win and have the other two sulk in a corner. So, I chose a neutral paragraph to begin the post and that is what you’re reading now.

I started a daily walk which doubles as cardio and a head clearing exercise while I listen to music on the go. I stopped for a little over a week and that was because the two pedometer apps on my phone – runtastic and Samsung health both decided to be rotten punkers and didn’t record my steps and distance covered for over half of the last trip and so they gave me silly results for the ‘work out’.

Unfortunately, I am easily put off by little things. I could like a thing or a person or an activity and a tiny thing could set me off, often for life. It’s something I’m working on and being aware of it has helped me question my quitting decisions more carefully. On the flip side though, trying to overcome this has kept me in terrible situations longer than I should have, just because I was afraid I was being too hasty.

Yesterday morning however, I put aside my annoyance with the apps and started again. As a treat to myself, I decided to allow myself listen to one song repeatedly for the first half of my journey and I chose Rora by Reekado Banks.

I don’t think I can ever forget the first time I heard Rora, it was in my brother’s car and we were at the car park waiting for my father to who’d just come in from the east that morning. To quote today’s young people, the song hit different and I found myself dancing in the parked car while my brother was smiling his – I have a crazy sister – smile. Since then I have loved the song with unfailing love.

I had probably taken a thousand steps when I saw two people jogging across the road from me and the sight of them together brought up a certain memory. It was their size disparity that made me smile and remember, one of them was a lot bigger than the other.

My university roommate decided she wanted to get fit and she would achieve this by running every morning. We lived very close to the sprawling campus and there were already very many morning runners/joggers on campus already. She plotted her journey and got running shoes for herself and for me.

At the time she was very slim – she’s still slim now but not in the about to disappear degree that she was then. I wasn’t anywhere as big as I am now but compared with her, I was incredible hulk.

So, at 6 am you would find us waiting at Ekosodin gate for the staff to open the gate and allow us enter into school and run. Only an insane person would have considered running inside Ekosodin for two reasons, the first was that the roads were rough and there were no street lights and the second was that Ekosodin is (yes, is!) unsafe.

As we jogged, we would pass people who always assumed I was the one who was interested in weight loss, they thought she was the escort. I got several comments nearly every day about my punishing the ‘poor girl’ because I wanted to lose weight. They had no way of knowing that I was the one who would rather be snoring away on my bed at past 6am rather than wandering round Uniben huffing and puffing.


We definitely looked like this although with the complexions reversed as she is light skinned and you know my shade.

And so that semester drew to a close and I headed home to find that my mum often complained about me returning to her as a bag of bones. It didn’t truly register that I had lost weight, as she had always been accepting and proud of having a chubby daughter. She had always considered it a personal affront when I return home from school as a skinny person and she would ensure that she made all my favourite things. Interestingly, I gain and lose weight with ease even though the losing part is always harder when I live with her.

My mother is the main reason I do not have and have never had a complex about my weight or about basically anything about me. I can worry about life, worry about my future to the minutest detail, worry about things which do not concern me and are not even likely to ever happen. But my self-worth will always be in top shape. Thank you Mummy.

During that break (which was just before my induction as a pharmacist), I went to Apongbon as I had an errand to run near UBA house. The driver of the bus I boarded decided to stop at Leventis bus stop for some reason and refused to move. Because it is essentially a waste of time to expect logic from a Lagos danfo driver or try to convince one to move when he didn’t want to, I got down from the bus, crossed the overhead bridge and took the shortcut through the makeshift clothes market beside the Apongbon Bridge.

A young woman passing through a market in Lagos where female clothes are sold can hardly expect smooth sailing, can she? One dude in particular made me burst into laughter as he showed me a very beautiful floral patterned gown that was several sizes too small.

“Where I go keep my remaining body if I wear this dress?” my stock question when they show me a dress that only my skeleton can fit into.

He laughed and told me it was my perfect size. I wondered if he needed to borrow my glasses for a while, and made to walk away but he insisted that I at least try the dress. I looked at the label and saw it was a UK size 8 dress and began to laugh again, I was a UK size 12/14. So I changed into the dress to shut him up.

It was a perfect fit! it wasn’t even snug or clung to my assets (why can’t them assets stay the same while the rest of the body sheds fat? Ehn?). The guy immediately called a price which I couldn’t afford at the time, the dress was well worth the price though.

That semester of jogging with Chy reminded me that the most obvious answer doesn’t have to be correct and assumptions] while easy to make are the lowest form of knowledge. I wasn’t the ‘wicked’ person dragging my friend along with me so she could ‘disappear’ after losing weight. I was the one who didn’t care about the weight and she was only running to get fit, fitness had always been important to her.

Luckily, the apps behaved well for the most part even though Runtastic recorded my distance as 4.71km instead of the 5.31km which Samsung Health gave and which I know to be more accurate. I thought about getting a fitbit for most of the afternoon and headed to to get expert opinion on the best fitbit for my needs.

Techradar is my go-to source of information for all things tech, I wouldn’t buy anything which hasn’t been reviewed on Techradar. Anyway, the prices of the various fitbits were listed and I could get a very decent phone with the price of the fitbit, I could get one of those Xaomi Note phones with their killer cameras with the price of a fitbit.

And that’s it folks, another reason why Adaeze has to hammer and quickly too. After all, what is $155 that I cannot toss on getting me a pretty bracelet which just records my heart rate and counts my steps and calculates the distance I walked and my rate pattern.

But what if I get the fitbit and it does the same thing these apps are doing, it continues this misbehaving behaviour? Wouldn’t that cause World War 3? It’s nearly 6 am, let me start getting ready to hit the road for today’s walk.

PS: Some people claim it is opinion which is the lowest form of knowledge, the jury is still out as far as I am concerned.

PPS: I saw this on the Wikipedia article on Fitbit.

A small 2015 study had participants wear multiple devices on their wrists and hips while performing different walking/running speeds on a treadmill. Fitbit devices worn on the hip accurately measured steps taken within 1 step of 100% accuracy. Devices worn on the wrist, however, were off by an average of 11 steps per minute. When measuring the number of calories burned, Fitbit devices worn on the hip underestimated by an average of 6%, while devices worn on the wrist overestimated calories burned by 21%. Authors concluded that both the Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex devices reliably measured step counts and energy expenditure, with hip-based Fitbit devices being more accurate than wrist-based devices.

I guess I have to get a waistband to put my phone in.

It’s also raining now, I can’t go for that walk.

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