One of my absolute favourite songs is the monster hit Temptation by P-Square, it’s a song that always gets me in a certain mood, always. Once upon a time, I was a very serious P-Square fan. I was the kind of fan who bought three copies of each album, played their songs often enough to drive the people who lived with me crazy, knew the lyrics to all songs by heart… that sorta thing.


I’m listening to Temptation as I write, it’s only fitting because this post is about temptation. Not the kind of temptation that a glasses wearing man with twinkling eyes gives a certain somebody, this one is about my mouth and my stomach although to be honest, if he makes your mouth water and makes the butterflies in your stomach dance, isn’t it the same thing?


When I was ill earlier this year, my aunt called and imposed a set of rules on me. Quick background about my aunty – she’s my mum’s older sister with two brothers between them. My mum lived with her at some point and Mummy was there when she had her first two children, she’s most probably my mother’s favourite sibling.


My aunt retired in 2012 and left Aba to join her husband in Abuja after shaping many minds as teacher in Aba, Abia state. My mother’s people are storytellers and Aunty N. is perhaps the best of them and when I’m with her, all I do is listen to stories and eat all the interesting meals she makes for me.


Aunty N. has always been about the healthy living life and as she grows older, she’s become even more entrenched in it as it is paying off for her and she looks as if she is only ten years older than me. She also loves telling me about eating healthy even though she knows I’m team junk food and Coca-Cola.


When she called, she immediately revoked my Coca-Cola drinking privileges and told me to stay off milk and milo and processed food especially pastries. Kill me now! I thought. Because Aunty N. is sorta the She Who Must Be Obeyed in my life, I decided to try to cut down on the things she asked that I avoid.


It hasn’t been easy to be honest, although I think I’m getting there. Last week I only had a 50cl bottle of Coca-Cola and that was only after a very grueling day, I bought it in traffic because I was pretty hungry and dizzy. Milk on the other hand has been the bigger challenge.


Aunty N. stopped using regular milk years ago and now uses plant sourced milk which taste like sorrow, tears and blood. I’ve cut down on my milk intake and instead of enjoying Peak full cream daily as God intended it when he created it, I take it on alternate days.


Yesterday, I had golden morn for lunch and so milk was ruled out today as I had milk with my golden morn yesterday. I was reading a funny book about grammar (almost sounds like an oxymoron but the book actually delivers on humour and English grammar tips) and I felt a stirring in my blood which refused to quit. Like a vampire craving blood, this woman needed milk.


Some minutes later, I was layering milk paste on a slice on a slice of whole-wheat bread and smiling. I started making this milk paste during my years in boarding school, it’s basically three tablespoons of milk powder with a cube of sugar and three tablespoons of water. I make it a few times a year and use to eat soft, fresh bread.


So, I gave in to temptation and gave my mouth and stomach the kind of pleasure which made them sing my praises and bless me since then. I have no regrets.







    1. Am here …..🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️and off to inform her. Infact am giving her this blog to read herself


  1. 😂😂😂 welcome to my life style baby girl…e no easy but with time!
    Sebi your sister Amara with her sweet tooth is now dragging her partner (my dad) into the healthy eating (or rather drinking) life style 😂 Dad and coca cola ehn, you won’t believe that he is married to my mum..she dun talk taya. Amy has now introduced ice tea as an alternative 😀
    Na small small 😂😂


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