His Eyes Are on Me.

Lagos has been ‘locked down’ due to Covid-19 and it will be lifted tomorrow. Life wouldn’t exactly go back to normal but at least we can move about, use public transport and use banks again.

This morning while I was praying, I talked to God about the coming week and my feelings about rejoining the world. If you’ve been reading my latest posts, you’ll know I’m winning the battle over fear and panic and anxiety.

So, I was claiming promises in God’s word as I prayed, promises about confidence in God even in the midst of strife and I wanted to read Psa 27:3 (wrote about it in my last post). I opened my Bible to get to that Psalm and like in my last post, I was taken somewhere else.

For my last birthday, I got myself a Rainbow Study Bible – which I love. The verses are colour coded for a group of themes and it makes it easier to find what you need without having to read some unnecessary (at that point) things. Because this Bible is still pretty new and colour coded, I do not make outlines with my pen on the Bible. I only have two scriptures I outlined with my pen.

So, when I saw a marked portion while heading for Psalm 27, I stopped to look at it. It was so perfect that I nearly cried.

Joyfully, I ended my prayers and eventually settled on my laptop to work. I wanted music and headed to YouTube and found that my YouTube page had Peace by Lionel Peterson (wrote about it in my last post) waiting for me. I hit play and started work. The song ended but I wasn’t bothered because I knew the next song would be gospel.

The next song must have been halfway through when I was struck by it and I went to see the name of the group. The song was by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and I spent my morning listening to them. Interestingly, the playlist (which I didn’t create) was made up of only their songs and that lone song by Lionel Peterson.

I know that my finding them this morning wasn’t random by any means and that they are the cornerstone of a testimony I will share here in the coming months. I’m making this post, leaving this reminder that Jehovah answers prayers and all my hope should ONLY be found in him and his love.

I am so thankful for Jehovah’s extravagant love even in the hard times, especially in the hard times.


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