This was supposed to be a pretty short post, I hope it ends up being as short as I’d planned.

Welcome to a new year, there’s serious confusion on whether this is the start of a new decade or not but no matter what side of the divide you are, you have to admit that 2020 is a pretty special year.

As I wrote the title of this post, I realised that the thrust of my post would have to change from the easy-breezy note about a new year to something a little more solid.


If you tell anyone your vision is 20/20, they would automatically know that you can see clearly, that you have excellent vision and you definitely do not need to wear glasses like I have done for nearly fourteen years.


As a person with impaired vision who achieves near-perfect vision with her glasses, I can tell you for free that the world is dreary and uncertain when you cannot see clearly.


There are very few things in my life which I can remember as clearly as the first time I put on a pair of glasses with my exact prescription. The world instantly changed into this fascinating place with bright colours and sharp angles. I took off the glasses halfway to my hostel from the optometry department, I took them off and I wept.


I cried for myself, for the years of squinting and walking into things, for the years I lived in a world without seeing it in its full glory. I couldn’t stop crying.


One of the things I am very grateful for, are the cylindrical lenses that bring light and colour to my life, that make the world extra beautiful for me.


In this new year, I wish for us all excellent vision. Not just what the eyes can see but the glories and splendours in this world, the greatness that is available to us if we can only reach out and touch them.


I pray that for whoever seeks for more, for a glorious and wonderful future. I pray that they find it, that 2020 would indeed be a year of amazing wonders and joy. May our dreams come true this year as we find the tools to give them wings as well as foundations.


Happy New Year.

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