Be Prepared…

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is a popular Chinese saying and its enduring popularity is hinged on the truth of it. If you are not ready for a lesson, a phase in life, anything really – you wouldn’t get it.


You might pass a place a hundred times without noticing there’s a door to something important – say the toilet for example. The day your body betrays you and you have to find a toilet pronto, your eyes would finally see a toilet sign in a place it has ignored many times.


While there is a physical/physiological explanation for this phenomenon, I much prefer to see the psychological/spiritual angle. Your eyes are sharper when your mind is attuned to your destination.


In early 2018 while I was visiting Ibadan, my friend gave me some videos to watch. They included videos of the Kenyan lawyer and speaker Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba and the late colossus from the Bahamas – Myles Munroe. I was so blown away that I looked for Myles Munroe’s books and downloaded a zip file loaded with more than fifty titles by him.


I got back to Lagos and work and forgot about the books, maybe forgot isn’t the right word. I put them at the back of my mind and continued living my life.


A few days ago, maybe Saturday or Sunday, I got a strong urge to read a particular book titled The Book of Divine Blessings and use it for my covenant time. Because I’ve used the book twice this year already, I ignored that leading.


A few hours later, I saw a video on Facebook which was a conversation between Pastor Benny Hinn and Dr. Myles Munroe about purpose and Myles supported his message with Gen 2:5

Now no shrub had yet appeared on the earth[a] and no plant had yet sprung up, for the Lord God had not sent rain on the earth and there was no one to work the ground,


However, there was something I saw in the next verse that made me realise this was a word in season for me and my brothers. I’m going to talk about it later.

 but streams[b] came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground.


Anyway, it reminded me of something in the book I was refusing to read. So, I got the book and when I got to that part of the book, the leading came again for me to get books by Myles Munroe again and start reading them. Then force my brothers to read them as well, that one is as hard as pulling teeth though.


So I searched for the books I had downloaded but didn’t see them, so I went back and got them afresh. I downloaded some books before I found the zip file which had most of his books. After extracting them, I choose one at random and found that it was Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman.


The first few pages made my eyes fill with tears and I decided to let it be and go to bed. The man penned my exact feelings and misgivings about womanhood, it felt too much for my fragile feelings.


This morning after my covenant time, I went back to the books I had shared with my brothers on WhatsApp and selected one – Understanding Your Potential. I was only going to read the first ten pages and go back to my book project but I found myself going up to page 30 before reluctantly setting it down.


The book was so in sync with the first video I watched and what I’d read during my covenant time that I felt overwhelmed by it all. Adaeze was finally ready for the lesson and Teacher Myles whose earthly body has been buried, arose with chalk in hand to teach.


I’d recommend you get the book, there’s enormous wealth inside that I cannot break down in one blog post. If you holla, I’ll send it to you.


The message I got from the book as well as the video and the section of The Book of Divine Blessings, I read this morning was for me to be prepared to stretch at a moment’s notice so I can get what I want. If I am not ready to grow, the things that are due to me, the things I want, those things will not come.


I might be born with the potential to be the greatest soprano singer Nigeria has even known but if I do not start singing and enroll for voice lessons, I will go to the richest place on earth – the grave, without achieving a fraction of my potential. What a waste that would be.


In the creation story in Gen 2:5, the earth was full of potential for shrubs and trees and forests but it couldn’t bring them forth because there was no man to work the ground.


And because man was not there to work the ground to produce the plants, the animals couldn’t be formed as well. They needed plants for shelter and food. Also, they needed man to be present to give them names. It is obvious that man’s presence was crucial for creation, yes the world as we know it would have been very different if Adam had not come to fulfill his purpose.


There is something else I find interesting, when people talk about the fall of man, they make it seem as if man wasn’t meant to work before the fall. That isn’t true, man was created to work the ground. The only problem is at the time, working the ground was easy. Now we eat by our sweat.

Adam and Eve, Why?


Like I said earlier, I saw something in the next verse that struck me. Streams came from the earth and watered the ground even when there was no rain. It’s easy for anyone to wonder why there was no growth even though there was wetness, especially if they do not know the degree of moisture that’s necessary to support life.


In the same way, it’s easy to think a place is fertile or you are ready for something just because the ground is wet. However, without rain nothing can grow and rain can only come when there is a man to till the ground.


Make sure you are that man.


Get ready to step into your full glory, prepare yourself to be the person who makes things bloom.


Merry Christmas.






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