Cocoa Butter…

I don’t like ice cream.

That is not exactly true, the price of the kind of ice cream I like gallops every month. These days, anything that isn’t essential like Coca-Cola can rest in Spar, while I move on. So I settled for Ooh La La ice cream when I worked at a hospital a few metres away from their GRA store and when the hospital moved to the island, I gave up on ice cream.

Sometime last year, I discovered a cocoa butter creme that my skin loves. It was able to displace Blue Seal as the only thing that quenched the thirst of my skin, even during harmattan, even in my village in Mbaise.

I love the feel of it between my palms, and its smoothness against my skin. It’s thick and smooth and soft, very soft. Just like ice cream.

My favourite thing about it is the scent. The air becomes thick with the rich scent of chocolate as I scoop dollops of it to my palm, and I think of ice cream. I think of chocolate ice cream and crushed waffles.

Sometimes, when the thought of ice cream and crushed waffles overwhelms me, I check the Facebook page of Cold Stone for their promo days and plan my visit. I also update the details on my WhatsApp status, that is the most important part of the process.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the creme at the only shop I’d ever seen it and I was so distraught that I made a post about it, seeking help to find it. I bought Vaseline cocoa butter lotion, it was ok but no where near Queen Helene’s. Chocolate ice cream didn’t come to mind when I applied it on my skin while the rays of the rising sun painted my room with orangery-golden light.

On Wednesday evening, I went to Peace Mass Transit office at Ojuelegba to pick up a package. An absolutely amazing person had seen it in Aba and sent it to me, at no cost to me. Earlier that day I had also gotten two copies of a book I had been in search of for years. I am still overcome with gratitude at the kindness of two people I hadn’t met in the flesh.

Since Thursday, I’ve been craving chocolate ice cream. Chocolate ice cream with crushed waffles that melts on my tongue, and Cold Stone has a store on Itire Road that I can literally walk to. To quote D’Banj – it’s about to go down.

Somebody is going to block me on WhatsApp, I can just feel it.

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