Phone Photography Course.

After seeing these pictures of me taken by Eye Kay, I have decided to start a phone photography course for Brothers, Husbands, Male co-workers, Boyfriends and intending Husbands. It is imperative that Nigerian women do not continue to suffer the burden of terrible pictures in 2019AD and beyond

Let me share SOME of the scintillating course content with y’all

  • Selecting flattering angles for different body shapes.
  • 100 posing styles to make her look fly.
  • Techniques for avoiding blurry pictures.
  • 20 distraction techniques to overcome boredom as you endure the hour-long photoshoot.
  • 40 other adjectives to describe her asides sexy and hot.
  • Light: a photographer’s best friend or worst enemy.
  • How to scout for the best locations even in tiny spaces.
  • Colour coordination/how to make those colours pop in a shot.
  • 50 jokes guaranteed to make her laugh and lose that posing stiffness.
  • Camera effects and their applications.


  • How to honestly answer the “am I getting fat” question without getting your head blown off.
  • Simple photo editing tools to make even better pictures.
  • How to make badass selfies – Because you are not a Nigerian Daddy who takes selfies as if he is quarrelling with the phone.
  • Scene setting for landscape portraits.

Course fee: 5,000 naira.


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