I Get Place to Borrow

This morning, I heard Collabo somewhere and I realised that I had forgotten my erstwhile favourite Nigerian song, since then I have played it back to back twenty-four times, it’s playing now as I type. It’s a song I can listen to for a whole a day without getting tired – I’ve done it several times before.


From the first time I first heard Tongolo in 2004/5, I fell in love with Don Jazzy and that love has not faded for one day, he is the absolute love of my life and even when I have grandchildren, his voice will still do things to me. I’ve written about my love for Michael before, will include it in the comments.


In Collabo, he’s the romantic gap-toothed maestro (we of the gap-tooth tribe are extra romantic, except me sha) who’s asking Adaeze to collabo and promising to sing with me and we’ll collabo everywhere as we moan…. Sorry! Sing for each other.


However, my favourite line in the song is “If I no get money, I get place to borrow.”. At the time in my life when I was obsessed with this song, I worked at a job that was basically about supplying drugs to customers. The problem was, the company did not allow us lift items on credit, while customers fully expected a two-week credit facility (one of them is still owing me now, two years later). I had to buy items with my money and supply and get it back eventually, as you can expect, I was frequently broke, with money outside.


It was easy to miss out on supplying a customer because I couldn’t afford to lift her order from the depot, but it never happened. When I needed funds like that, I would call either of my best friends and he would send the money that day, or I’d call my sister Amara in Abuja or Chy who was also in Benin and would get the money, supply and pay back when I got money.


One time, I needed a certain huge sum to make a supply and while talking to my mother that morning, I mentioned it as part of our normal morning phone gist, an hour later my dad sent the money and I cried, I paid him back BTW. And It wasn’t even just about meeting targets, supplying as quickly as possible helped me gain the confidence of my customers. So when I binge listened to the song, I would shout out that line, it resonated in all my cells.


Mute once said, your net worth is not the amount in your account, it’s the resources you have access to in an emergency. Sadly, my account balance refuses to collect heavenly yeast and rise to the occasion, but I have been lucky to have people who come through for me when I need them, many times even without my asking. And no, it’s not only financial.


At the time, I learned that there are many things that are worse than poverty, perhaps the most painful of them is needing help and having no one to turn to. There’s a reason the Ponzi schemes that flourished in the recent past emphasized on giving help and getting help, it instinctively lowers your guard.


Recently, someone came through for me “bigly” and it’s still something I am shaky about, someone basically mounting a pair of wings behind my back and whispering ‘fly if possible, or just run at your fastest,” I am still overwhelmed, but too overwhelmed to say Imeela x infinity. I am indeed wealthy, Bola Tinubu with all his billions has nothing on me, seriously.


PS I still need help though, who will tell Don Jazzy to come and marry me before I vex for him.





  1. i, Obianuju Ayalogu will undertake the ultimate Challenge for you. i shall ask our brother to come and propose. If you sha dont receive the Proposal, please realize that much is undertaken, some is lost. LOL


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