I bury another Never
Watching it slink into the soil
As I cover it with the sand under the shadow of your face.
I look at the ruins of my fences and defences,
Strong and defiant a week ago,
Crumbled in the earth after you strode in,
Arms akimbo, pockets brimming with keys to secrets,
The secrets I didn’t even know I held.

I look at the bag that held my Nevers
It’s emptying now, only a couple left.
Your eyes glint in the waning sunlight,
The Nevers tingle, they beg,
I shiver, it is futile.
You put out your palm, with its lines like a map
I whisper Never for the last time,
turn my face to the sky and give you the bag.
You throw the bag into the Atlantic
And fold my heart in your palm


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