Lauretta’s folly.

When I saw the picture accredited to Lauretta Onochie about the immediate past government forcing Prof Akunyili to work just so she could pay her medical bills, I dismissed it as a cheap shot against Lauretta, I couldn’t imagine a presidential spokesperson would be so daft as to put up such a picture.


This morning, I saw it in more places across facebook, still credited to Lauretta. I clicked on a link to the Daily Post’s website that carried the report, read it and still did not believe it until I got to her wall and saw the picture in all its gory glory. And I wept.


Is it not enough that we have been so abused and battered by this administration that our voices have been smothered and our tables empty of basics that a few years ago we took for granted. That we have a president who has spent more days away from the country in this year than in it, that the prices of staples continue to rise while salaries are not increasing- in most cases, they are either cut or taken away by force. Is it not enough that the voices of this government continue to insult our intelligence with inane comments that make you wonder if they can walk and chew gum at the same time or if they need help with feeding themselves while you shudder at the fact that this are the idiots who surround those who make policy decisions that affect you and I.


She had to go there, to insult a woman who loved her country so much that she was willing to die for it over and over, a woman who is one of the best things- if not the best! This country has ever produced. A woman created on the dawn of Wednesday, after a two day Public Holiday, the woman with brains heavier than Lauretta’s entire body mass, a Hero in a country that only deserves demons on rampage. And to imply, no! To state that Prof Akunyili had to attend the national conference to raise money for her medical bills shows just how idiotic Ms Onochie is- trust me, idiotic is the mildest word I have for the She-goat, and makes you wonder if she isn’t a robot with a virus ravaging its circuit boards.


There is no federal hospital that wouldn’t have jumped at the chance of treating Prof Akunyili free, no private hospital too or front line medical centre anywhere in the world, for that matter and for the drugs? All she needed was a phone call to the MD of whatever company imported the drug and she would get cartons delivered to her door. If she was that hard-up, she could have made an appeal on traditional media and had billions pumped into her account by Nigerians- the people whose lives she touched by her dogged fight against fake and substandard drugs, food and cosmetics.


But Ms Onochie cannot understand this because she is scum, she will not know the goodwill Dora enjoyed for her work because the only thing that registers in her depraved mind is hate and arrant stupidity. It is amazing that this woman who is not fit to deep her rotten fingers into Dora’s shit, will use our Amazon to score a demented point. Lauretta, really? I am ashamed that the only woman on the presidential media team is this blistering idiot, that someone would talk about Nigerian women and will group this untamed baboon and me. Chukwu ekwela ihe ojoo.


Years after Dora’s death, she is still revered by many. The thousands, if not millions, she has inspired say her name with massive respect and we all know, Nigeria will not get another in her mould in a long time. As for Lauretta? We spit on her, phlegmy, smelly spit. I only feel immense pity for the people who love her, which has to be- only her mother.




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