Get Lucky

Get lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharell is my new favourite song, I love the disco-funk fusion and the way it makes you think dancing is easy. If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn it was by ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ or ‘The Whispers’- the smoothness of it calls them to mind. And the video! It’s so 80’s and that for me was when good music peaked and rolled over and died. I love the chorus most of all, especially the refrain ‘we’re up all night to get lucky’ that is repeated several times across the song.


It’s funny, this luck thing, funny how we think it is something handed to us by benevolent spirits or refused us by the sins of those whose bloodlines we carry. We see feats achieved by others and think ‘see better luck wey X or Y carry so’ and wonder why our own luck refuses to catch the sun’s eye, why it sits at a dark corner while other lucks dance in the market. I think life is like a movie- an action film, with fantastic scenes that are over in a flash and days of hard work that bring those minutes of perfection to the world’s gaze.


The way ‘work’ is set up, I report to several people but there’s only one Boss and he’s based in Abuja. My boss is a lucky man- that would be your first thought when you meet him. The man built a massive empire in healthcare out of nothing, making himself a reference point for excellence in his field and as an administrator. You wouldn’t see how hard he works or how he constantly tries to be an innovator, you’d probably wonder who his godfather is- that is the Nigerian formula for success- godfathers for males and sugar daddies/ aristos for females.


Recently, while we were having an odd conversation about WiFi passwords and the logistics of our internet connection, he told me that the worst thing that could happen to a person is to have an ‘I don’t know’ mentality, the second worse thing would be to have a ‘it can’t be done’ mentality. He laughed at my confused expression and motioned at me to sit and proceeded to explain. The ‘I don’t know’ mentality means you have shut your mind on the subject, you will make no effort to make things work or make them better, you wouldn’t even expend the energy required to think or seek for answers. The ‘it can’t be done’ mentality is slightly better- according to him. At least you thought about it and may have tried to get it done but at the first or second obstacle, you give up.
“Eliminate those two things from your life and you can do anything you set your heart on, you don’t even need luck.” he continued.


I looked at him, thinking of his achievements and suddenly they seemed like something even I could aspire to, even though I have no ambitions to own castles and monuments to commerce. While I had no illusions about having an easier path just because I had abruptly attained a better attitude, I realised that luck, for the most part, is an open mind and stubbornness. Stubbornness, you see, is already something I was born with tonnes of.


PS: Get lucky was the record of the year at the 56th Grammy awards in January 2014, it also took home the best pop duo performance Grammy. The song took 18 months to make- little wonder it won one of the most important Grammy awards.
PPS: ‘Get lucky’ as referenced in the song isn’t exactly the type of luck I have been talking about in this post.


  1. This post just ministered to me. Luck is simply “stubbornness”.

    Refusing to accept No for an answer.
    Thanks for sharing this with me.
    You do know I love you…And your story-telling style?


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