Sisi and Bobo- Part 1

Sisi in red framed glasses and tall thin bobo are sitting beside each other in a danfo descending Eko bridge into Marina, Sisi and Bobo have boarded the same danfo several times and Bobo always gives someone else his change, just before she asks. She is tired of his apologetic smiles so she makes faces at him when she sees him. This is the first time they’re sitting beside each other.
What part of Igbo land are you come from?” Sisi asks, after Bobo tells her he’s Igbo.

Anambra, where are you from?”

Zion” Bobo laughs and Sisi thinks it makes him go from handsome to devastating to the female mind.

“Really, where are you from?” Bobo asks with the remnants of laughter lingering in his voice


“What part?”

“Mbaise” Sisi is smiling now and waiting for the inevitable reference to snakes and the killing of snakes.

My ex-girlfriend was from Mbaise

And where’s your current girlfriend from? Should have come next but Sisi hasn’t had breakfast yet, Sisi has to save energy to jump bus to VI so she smiles and changes the subject.
Sisi is reading a book on Fiona- tablet and treasure trove, when Bobo taps her hair

“It’s gray hair” she says, biting her cheek to kill the wave of laughter.

“I thought it was a piece from the brush you used to brush your hair”

“It’s like you dinnor know I am not ya mate before” Sisi mutters

What did you say?”

Sisi looks at Bobo, smiles at his open, trusting face and says, “nothing at all, Bobo, nothing at all.”



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