Even if my heart would break.

I’ve spent a great chunk of this week perched on a chair, arranging ‘stock’ on shelves with headphones blocking out aggravation or just letting music from my fill the room as I work. Today, I chose to listen to Dave Koz and Kenny G- card carrying smooth jazz fan in da building, I was listening to Kenny G’s ‘even if my heart would break’ when I realised I wasn’t alone, I had been joined by the young man who installed the shelves days before.


I like the song, so I came to listen to it better.” His face was mostly hidden by his baseball cap, I couldn’t tell if he was smiling.

I turned back to the shelves and was reaching for a pack of plasters when he spoke again.
How can you choose to love someone even if they’ll break your heart? e no pure na”
Have you ever broken anybody’s heart or had your heart broken by someone? I asked.
He laughed, “I dey hustle, no time for love“.
But when I finally hammer, I no go want this kind love wey she go break my heart and I go dey do like mumu” he continued.
So you expect love to be smooth forever, the person no go mess up or fuck you up and you sef go be angel, abi?”
“Sis you make it sound like a stupid dream” he said and pursed his lips in a cute petulant pout.
Love will break your heart countless times before you die, it doesn’t even matter what form of love it is” I said as I climbed down from the chair.

So even loving your child can break your heart?” He quipped
“Have you ever disappointed your mother?”
“Yes, and my father too“, he said slowly as if he was dispensing his words from a dwindling stash.
And have they caused you heartache, ever?”
“Would you rather have had other people as parents with less wahala all around?
No Ma, but are you saying love must come with heartbreak?”
I looked at the young man was probably the same age with and even reminded me of my youngest brother, he was waiting for my answer.
“If you’re lucky, the bad days will be few and fade quickly” I replied.
But they will come?”
“Just like roses and thorns, rain and flood plus traffic”.
“I no wan love again” he mused.
You can’t run from love though, it will find you and jump on you when you’re not looking”
“Let me go and prepare for heartbreak then”.
“Hopefully you won’t ever get a major one”.
“Thanks Ma, can you send me the song?” He was already reaching for his phone.
Ok” I said.



  1. Quite a beautiful analogy. Ada. You can’t run from love, you can’t avoid it and it always come with heartbreak. Completely up to you to handle when it happens.


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