Live and Let Live.

I was going to write a longish post on intolerance this morning and the thrust of it was about how being Nigerian seems to be the starter pack for intolerance.


Nkechi Bianze- in her facebook post this morning said “intolerance is a Nigerian thing”, while I don’t think we have a monopoly of it, we have enshrined it in our daily lives, it’s probably a part of our DNA, we cannot live without it.

We will not leave ‘Slay Queens’ alone, or ‘Fuck boys’ or Atheists or Christians or girls who wear hijabs or lovers of Big Brother Naija or gay people or those who sit with their devices at midnight for a praise session. We will rather sit with outstretched necks, veins extended to near breaking point, and pour vitrol on people who neither did nothing to us nor are the cause of our problems whether individual nor collective. Sadly everyone does it- whether religious or irreligious, wealthy or poor, formally educated or not.


Will it kill us to let people be? To aspire to and work on becoming the best version of ourselves and allow others the same liberty. How does it make sense that we praise thieving politicians and even write gushing pieces, adverts and songs for them and our neighbour’s noncriminal lifestyle is our biggest headache?


Since we like to rant and rave, can we focus our attention to the things that actually make a little sense? Can we use this outrage to insist that those we put in office do their jobs effectively and without robbing us blind, or that the people who put their selves in the line of danger for our protection are adequately paid or that our children get education that does not leave them nearly functionally illiterate even after a master’s degree, or creating an atmosphere of freedom to soar in any field for everyone regardless of gender or physical disabilities and perhaps most importantly, that our hospitals are not waiting rooms for meetings with death.


We’ve been sitting down and condemning since Lord Lugard amalgamated the protectorates in 1914. E never epp us.
Let’s change the game plan- get off our butts and get our hands and feet to work. Ka Chineke mezie okwu- In Chief Zebrudayya’s voice



  1. Saw the facebook post first.
    My dear, Nigerians tire me – always drinking paracetamol for others.
    Unfortunately, social issues that should be raised and awareness spread for, they go quieter than mice.
    Mtcheww, lemme coman be going biko


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