The Young and the Innocent

Nuttin No Go So was my favourite song when I was 15, I would listen to it several times daily on my brother’s discman. It held me through the twists and turns of teenage angst and uncertainty about impending adulthood and choices.

Then I forgot about it.
I downloaded it this month after hearing snatches of it in a restaurant. After listening to it, I was shook! How did I miss what the song was about?!!! I’m listening to it now and I’m still shook! However, I can’t deny- it is the jam!
Reminds me of my experience with The Godfather, my parents talked about it so much that I wanted to read it so bad by the time I was nine but my dad said no.

He said when I finished secondary school, he’d give me the book to read. But I wasn’t willing to wait, what if there was a nuclear war or something. I didn’t even understand his reticence, I was already reading Jeffrey Archer at the time, had finished Kane and Abel, The Prodigal Daughter and two of his short story collections and knew the ‘facts of life’ from Biology by Stone and Cozens, what was the man’s problem? I wondered.
Just before I resumed secondary school, I was searching the top of my dad’s wardrobe in search of something to read when I came upon the book. I hurriedly devoured it and wondered why my dad was being so extra. The book was about a kind (Santa Claus like) man who broke the law to help himself and his friends and who had to be ruthless to get ahead. I didn’t even understand why the movie producer was so horrified when they dumped Khartoum’s head on his bed, it was just a fucking horse.
During the break between JSS3 and SSS1, I read it again and thought “it’s like this man was kinda bad”.
First year in Uni, I read it again and I was frightened by the evil I saw in Don Corleone- how could I have thought him a good man, was I blind? I haven’t read it in five years or so, my mind tells me I would see even more
Innocence is such a shield- it’s not like I’m not still innocent o- my parents read my posts biko, I don’t want them thinking I’m no longer their cute Angel 😉



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