What I Like About You.

What I like about you.

I like how you smile, like each one is the Hope diamond.
I like how you protect, your innocence in this murky world
I like how you are not afraid, to be foolish or wise or nothing at all.
I like how your spirit, flourishes everything you touch.
I like how you think, life, the earth, is your playground.

I like how you do not deny, your difference in a world of same and boring.
I like how you laugh, or cry as if they are both the same.
I like how you dance, like tomorrow is folded in your bag.
I like how you sing, like a hungover frog with a cold.
I like how you get me, and celebrate my crazy.
I like how you believe, I am Nefertiti unfrozen for your pleasure.
I like how you love me, like I am a fragile thing.
I like how you show me, that I am titanium.
I like how you listen, like on the tip of my tongue is the wisdom of the Sphinx.
I like how you made love, our secret of many-sided splendour.
I like how you tickle my belly, and laugh into my navel
I like how you draw maps on my body, to take us to nirvana
I like how you love you, and know you are precious
I like how you do not wait, to kick down stuck doors
I like how you know, you are glory and royalty
I like how you squeeze, eternity into everyday
I like how you are, the fulcrum of my smile
I like how I can, write this forever and not tire.
What is it you ask? Love?
What I love about you?


  1. Don’t just read this poem, imagine it was to you. If you don’t shed a tear then you are an irredeemable beast. I just did. Ada are a genius


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