The adventures of the travelling cake.

I have been typing for hours, and erasing for the same length of time. Stringing words, unraveling sentences and phrases, wanting to say only the right things and failing. That’s what a full heart has done to me and a mind blown by kindness from Abuja to Lagos and all the spaces in between. 
This cake came for me today, a promise fulfilled by an egbon who’d shown me immense kindness from the minute our paths crossed. I saw her today for the first time, kept her waiting too but she enveloped me in several hugs that made me forgive myself for being tardy and her smiles? MegaWatt intensity only! Then she handed me the bag with the cake and explained that Yetunde made it and she picked it up before heading to the airport, as my brow furrowed in confusion, she explained that she didn’t live in Lagos.
My nose began to itch, the first step in the reaction that has tears as its end-product. Before I could begin to blubber, she hugged me several times before dashing off and my sidekick/ lil cousin Nwankwo Iverson George who always seems to be around when there’s cake, held me as my heart filled and spilled on the sidewalk of Eko Club.
So you mean she brought the cake for you from Abuja?” he asked when I stopped to breathe.

My cake entered aeroplane sef” I muttered and sniffed just before I walked on air.
Ese gan Egbon Olufemi.



  1. Oh my, what a touching story of grace and all things beautiful… And I mean from all ends. And that cake entered the aeroplane and still looks oh so appetising… Yummy and happy eating…wish it could enter another one all the way cross border to me men 🙂


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