Fast food Blues.

I was bouncing down the stairs when his words froze my feet.

Stupid idiot, ungrateful element like you


I looked down and saw them, he was tall with a bushy afro and a yellow shirt tucked into red jeans, he reminded me of a pair of pliers, the girl holding his arm with a fear tattooed on her palm fruit yellow face was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Hall one.


I’m sorry” she whispered and I wondered why a girl that beautiful would be yoked to such a bushy haired guy. I was a teenager who hadn’t fully understood the ways of men and women.


How could you not pick my calls and I came here and saw you sleeping, what kind of rubbish sleep is that” he fumed and I saw his face clearly, bobo was not even handsome.


Osaro, I am sorry. It won’t happen again. David took me and Isioma to Mama Delta and we overfed, that’s why I slept like a fool. I’m sorry”. She stroked his cheek with her left hand and he flung it away.


He took you to Mama Delta and then what? He took you people out so that’s why you disrespected me?” I wanted to ask him how sleeping deeply became disrespect but my uncle Chibu had warned me to be very careful around young men on campus, “many of them are cultists,” he said.


Osarooo,” she cooed softly.

Don’t call my name you fool” He snapped, I clenched the bannister firmly with my right hand and prayed for restraint.


“They took you to Mama Delta and we will not hear word, me that takes you out to places!” he tilted her chin with his left hand. “If not for me, will you know the road to Matice or Kaydees or Mr Biggs? Even Blue Meadows, I was the one who took you there for the first time.

“People will hear you” she whispered.

Let them hear and know how stupid you are. Anyway, how much did you say you need for the week?” she muttered something.


“2000 naira, see how you just said it, has your father given you that kind of money before?” He brought out three one thousand naira notes and threw them in her direction.

If I don’t see you in my room tomorrow afternoon, you will know what I am made of. My clothes are dirty and the toilet and kitchen need scrubbing and mopping”

Ok” she muttered as she bent to pick the notes and he sauntered away.


Won’t you come and escort me” he called from the corridor in front of the porters’ rooms and she cleaned her face before going to join him.


I slowly walked back to Omoye’s room, shaking my head as I plotted which of the fast food restaurants I’d take myself to the next day.



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It evoked tension within me and I already pictured myself giving that guy one hot slap. Many societal issues presented in one scene. Thanks for the goodread.


  2. Just for ordinary matice and Kaydees.. Mtchew!! Rabbish!!

    I wee slap this guy and pull out all his hair in real life.. He wee just remain bald forever…


      1. Is it poverty or not knowing one’s GREAT WORTH???And a lady for that beautiful matter.

  3. Hi Adaeze,

    I could not stop shaking my head as I read this.

    The depth within @ “As I plotted which of the fast food restaurants I’d take myself to the next day.” was not lost on me. Financial freedom liberates one.

    They spend on you and they think they own you. Reminds me of a video I watched recently, the speaker expressed her dismay at the recent trend of young men courting ladies by spending on them. Using money to “toast”, no longer based on chivalry or his character or how he treats them.


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