Pendown- Daddy says Goodbye. 

After 32years and 10months of excellent, unbroken service to the Lagos state Ministry of Education, my father bowed out formally yesterday at his last school which ironically is in the same compound he started out, came in as education officer 2 and classroom teacher and retired as Director and Principal.
For all of my life, I’ve known him to go over and beyond the call of duty for his students, a father and a friend to students and colleagues and a colossus of secondary school English Language education with awards from far and wide and the consistent records of excellence at WAEC as evidence.
As I watched his pen-down ceremony, I realised just how privileged I am to have been his daughter, to have a ringside view of an amazing life that was and is the embodiment of service to humanity, and to watch his partnership with my mother who has been rock and cushion and anchor in the gales of life.
Congrats Ezenwa ezigbo nna, enyi umuya, di oma. May your next phase be full of joy and strength and grace in Jesus name.


  1. Aw congrats Ada; I don’t know why my first reaction on seeing the post notifcation in my inbox was to put my hands on my mouth – like what does that goodbye me. Ha we Africans maybe more tuned to ‘badnews’ than ‘great news’. So kind of you to share with and really congrats to your Dad and mum who was the favor he got to tap into and have all the energy to give his best at his work


  2. Awww… Congrats to your dad ooo. May this new step take him to places he never imagined. I can’t wait to wear Asoebi at my mom’s which is still far from now. You guys look so pretty and your mom is gorgeous.


  3. Best wishes to your Father. May this new phase of his life be full of joy

    @ “English Language” The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. 🙂


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