Chidi, Omalicha.

Chidi’s birthday is today, so I wrote her a tiny message on Facebook and I’m sharing it here.
We first met on the comment section of an awesome blog in 2014, we clicked so well that we moved it to WordPress where she runs an amazing blog where she dispenses smarts and horror stories for my birthday, then we moved to WhatsApp and finally Facebook, last year.

On Saturday it struck me that I didn’t even know what my friend looked like, so I went to her Facebook photos (she always puts up group pictures, even on WhatsApp) and looked for the Highest Common Factor.

My jaw dropped when I realised she was the one, stunning Nubian Queen with eyes that almost singe you through the screen. I was going to call and tease her about hiding her beauty, I’d set the date- March 1st but Facebook tells me today’s her birthday…
Happy birthday Omalicha’m, you know I love you right? Everything beautiful and wonderful are my wishes for you today and always :-* ❤


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