I’m still amazed you’re my brother; that you with the heart as wide as the sky was given to us to know and to love. When you were born, we knew our lives would change- you’d already changed the balance of power in the house in favour of the “men”, but that didn’t even matter because you were the most amazing baby in the world. As you grew, you brought a great light to our hearts with your affectionate nature, easy kindness, empathy and that independence that was necessary in dealing with siblings who thought you were the most precious, fragile thing the world had seen.


But when did you get so big though? Only yesterday, your head was waist high, now you tell me how you can see the “center of my head.” When did we stop calling you T-legs? Now you’re the one with the beard while Obi and I get referred to as your “younger ones”. When did you transit from Adaeze’s handbag to the man who’s too cool to hang with his big sis (I called you man… you can now jump and celebrate). When did you…  Let me stop before I cross into embarrassing memories territory, I still have that picture though. You know the one…


Happy Birthday Ikenna, Manchester United’s biggest fan, the last indomie bender and the best baby brother God ever made. You know I love you, you know it’s forever. Continue to shine and spread those wings, nothing will limit you, nothing can bring you down.


PS: My friend Esther is also a year older today, she’s the sweetest and most annoying babe you’ll ever meet and she can cook! She throws down magic in the kitchen on daily basis and she’s epically wonderful. Happy birthday darling.



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