Nonsense and Ingredient

Yesterday someone at work told me a story that made me rather sad.
An army officer was about to be deployed to a war zone, he gave his wife his atm card to withdraw money when his salary is paid. His salary was about 80k and his wife had full access to everything so she could take care of herself and their two children.
A year rolls by and he comes home to their mini-flat in the barracks to see that nothing has changed in the house, she didn’t buy a new stick of furniture, or kitchen appliance or utensil, everything was just as he left it. The children weren’t looking wonderful either, she didn’t buy textbooks for them and their clothes were obviously third-grade okrika. The person (Madam R) who told me the story (also a military wife) told me that this woman gave herself of buying a different Hollandise wax every month (the ones with notable names start from 20k at least), she knew this because she lives next door.
Madam R even told her to buy new things around the house, they didn’t have a bed and she told her to buy a mouka big mattress that there was promo on for most of last year. She agreed to but her friend asked her how she’d buy the mattress that her husband will use to sleep with her on (let’s not forget that this is the husband’s salary) and she frittered away the money she’d set aside for it.

This year, he was posted to another war zone and he left a few days ago but he took his ATM card with him and left a standing order with his bank to pay 25k into her account monthly, he told the headmistress of the children’s school to send their bills to his friend and he will pay them. His wife had been seeking itchy ears at the barracks, telling them how her husband has a new woman who is syphoning his money. The pity parties are loud and sustained and the man is now regarded as the younger brother of the devil incarnate by people who do not know the full story.

Did I also mention that she doesn’t run a business or have a job? Now she’s asking how she’ll cope…

She should come and collect the balance from me every month. Nonsense Idiot.


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