Waiting for you-2

Let’s pretend we were friends

From before the world began

That these ropes of awkwardness

Are too flimsy to hold my tongue

Even though my ears scoff

And call me “bumbling idiot”


I am amazed you do not feel the buzz,

When I kiss your picture just before dawn.

How do you not feel the heat?

That rises as I ache for you

And wonder if you wonder

About me.


When you come to my dreams

Bearing gorgeous as shield.

Gliding with me through fords and cascades

I wrap you in my smile, fluid like love.

‘Easy’ you murmur and grin

“Easy’ I retort and tilt my lips.


Awkward stalks our paradise

Empty lines of white and blue and black

Between us, empty like my brain seems

I wonder where the sparkle’s hiding

Why you cannot be dazzled

By me just as I am.


Maybe all we’ll be

Is a half-formed dream stillborn

Maybe you’ll never know,

How you are everything and forever.

Perhaps its best you don’t know

That you are me and I am you.













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