The good thing in Nazareth.

While I was clearing up after breakfast this morning, “can any good come out of Nazareth” popped up in my mind. I haven’t been able to get it off my mind, maybe writing about it will make it better?


A certain Nathaniel lived in Galilee two millennia ago and he was close friends with Philip, he was also not afraid to say his mind. One day Philip came rushing to him in excitement, he’d seen the messiah and he could barely keep his tongue from tripping as he spat out the words. He’d seen the messiah, an intense looking young man from Nazareth. Nathaniel laughed and laughed, it sounded ridiculous to his ears that the Messiah would come from Nazareth, when there was Jerusalem the city of God and other holy places. He scoffed and made that famous statement.


On my way to work daily, I pass through Ojuelegba and walk alongside the bridge with the famous Ojuelegba underbridge in full view. That area is notorious for crime, drug abuse, poverty on rampage and anything negative you can think of. I wondered how I’d react if I heard that the person who’ll take Nigeria out of recession grew up under that bridge? How would I react? Would I like Nathaniel pour scorn on the place? (church is in Ojuelegba, I have passed that bridge all my life… I know it well). How would you react?


The funny thing is we all have a Nazareth in our lives, a thing we so easily disregard because we think it is of no consequence. It could even be something we like but the world snorts when we talk about it. I wonder how Nathaniel felt when he realised that the man from Nazareth was truly the messiah, I’d give my phone to see the expression on his face the minute the realization sank in.
Do not be like Nathaniel, who very nearly overlooked the best of heaven because he was shortsighted. He got a second chance to redeem himself, and he did. You and I might not get so lucky. 


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