Waiting for you…

All I have is a smile, your smile

Yet I know it is you who will light the fires,

Tend the embers and flare the flames

Of the passions that will consume and renew us.


Your voice sets off my heart’s bells

When you say my name with that lilt

That reminds me of home and calm in the storm

I ache to hear your voice for the first time.


I like how you hold me when we dance,

How you do not laugh at my bumbling steps,

How the rhythm seems eternal,

You’ll know this when you know me.


When they call me crazy as they often do

Your scowl stunts their scorn until it shrinks in shame

Then you’d kiss my hand twice and smile

Especially in my dreams, day or night.


God made the groove of your shoulder

With the dimensions of my head,

Even though you grumble when I snore

Despite the miles between us.


The lines on your palm spell my name,

How can you not know this?

It is you I have waited for,

Appear quickly before I quench.








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