Just Do It!

Yesterday we were watching the Manchester United match, well I was trying to respond to my birthday messages on Facebook while my brother and cousin watched the match. Soon their grumblings and mutterings became loud enough for me to look at the TV. Man U was losing.


The match was ending soon, less than ten minutes on the clock, my brother fell quiet. The young man is a very enthusiastic football follower, he supports Man U and if his team is losing, he’s not a good person to be around. During the 2006 world cup he supported England because my mum had bought him an English jersey, he wore it whenever England played- he was that loyal. When C. Ronaldo crushed England’s chances of going to the semis, my brother wept. This my brother, the youngest was a rather emotional child, he cried easily as a child. The boy wept for four hours straight after watching Titanic (we hadn’t seen it before, no one knew it was that powerful or we wouldn’t have let him watch it).


So my mum became concerned as the match wore on, she would look at his face and sigh softly. Then in the 83rd minute she said “I pray this people score for Ikenna’s sake”, my brother was still rubbing his head when Man U equalised and a minute later, another goal was added to Man U’s tally. My brother and cousin were ecstatic when the match ended, three points in the bag and a fitting birthday present for Sir Alex Ferguson who was in the stands.


The incident stayed with me, it’s a lesson for the New Year. Prayer works, faith works and the impossible can become possible in less than a minute. You can speak forth things into existence, change your outcomes even if the clock seems like an enemy and love can move mountains for others. Letting love lead is always wise. 
Have a spectacular 2017! The things you want are within reach. Stand up and search for them, even if fear freezes your feet, move with frozen feet. You wouldn’t be the first or the last to scale that height with fear in veins. 



  1. Ada, happy birthday in areas… hmm you r around the corner to that magic 3 Lady 🙂
    As for this post, when I started reading it again I almost sighed… I went in my head: Ada u again and getting us into football especially on the 1st day of the month of the year still so new? And so, well, since am looking out for you know best… I read on, and just love the twist albeit the lesson in the last paragraphs… Wishing us all such matches this year and always… indeed na Godewin


  2. I must share this with Beautiful Man, he’ll be delighted to hear your mom prayed for “our” team. (I’ve been roped into supporting teams he supports! Sigh)


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