Buisi’s day…

Three days ago, I was looking at a picture of my grandfather and was muttering to myself that Chibuisi looked a lot like my grandpa, I was going to call him and tell him but certain events overtook that line of thought…


Then this morning I got tagged on a post by my cousin Chiguzom (Buisi’s brother), he wrote a beautiful piece for his only brother who was born on this day twenty something years ago.


Buisi’s a fantastic human being- I’m not saying this because he’s my cousin, he also has the kindest heart in this part of the world. He’s been on my mind all day, memories making me smile and say prayers of thanksgiving for him and for knowing him and for his being my cousin.


I might be older than him but my lil coz has inspired me in so many ways, I’ve seen him move great mountains through faith, even the things that seemed impossible. His journey through medical school was a testimony fest, young man was a medical student and head of the Anglican Students’ Fellowship at the same time! Now, when Bisi tells me I want to do this, I don’t bother asking, “can you do this?” I ask “when will you start?”


He believes in me in ways that scare me, he’d ask me questions even way back that were “higher than me” and he had no doubt that I would pull through and deliver. He’s also one of the most ardent followers of my blog, he reads everything I write and acts like I’m the greatest writer around (love is blind). Thanks man


Happy birthday Awesome Dr Buisi, you are already the head, the best and the one who brings us pride and joy. Have an awesome year, me love you long time, me love you always.


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  1. My darling cuz, Greater than Chinua, chimamanda is at it again. thank you for your love, insight and encouragement. Means a lot to me. I’m grateful.


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