Any way you choose.

You have to listen to my thoughts

To hear the words yet unformed.

Sit beside me,

Cross your legs or not,

Stroke my hair slowly,

Perhaps you’ll soothe the storm in my head.


You have to look at me,

To see the dreams my lips refuse to birth.

Walk with me,

Run if you want,

Hold my hand, left or right

Perhaps my heart will slow its soaring sprint.


You have to touch me,

To feel the fire that burns beneath skin

Dance with me,

Who cares if we have no rhythm?

Tango or twist, doesn’t matter which,

Perhaps you’ll unearth forgotten joys.


You have to taste my tongue,

To know the flavour of my heart,

Kiss me quickly,

Before my tongue turns to dust,

Kiss me slowly,

Perhaps you’ll make my heart sing.


You have to smell my sheets,

To believe they carry memories of you,

Even after our bridges have collapsed

Hold me,

Until there’s no you or I,

Perhaps you’ll remember how to love me.


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