To .com or not to .com

I am not dissatisfied with running a blog; however, is another matter. Yet the longing to get refuses to fade and I have a feeling that if I had to pay for the domain thingy (yes, I am not a techy anything), I might just take my blog a little more seriously…

My main fear is losing my content- 300 and something posts that took three years of hard labour- maybe not exactly hard labour but you get the gist. My subsidiary fears include having to get two domains because I have two blogs after all *even if blogger tries without fail to raise my blood pressure* and the ease of access for users of wordpress app. I noticed that for certain WordPress blogs that morphed from to .com, leaving comments becomes impossible from the WordPress app. I do not know if the bloggers set it that way though, there’s so much I do not know…

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let me know and if you have useful info, I’d be grateful if you shared that too.

I might start a poetry series where I’d share free verse daily, I am not sure yet though. I am supposedly notorious for promising series after series and failing to deliver. Today’s entry is one I’d shared on Instagram earlier today but I kept getting complaints on its clarity.




  1. The primary advantages of .com (ming) are:
    1. SEO. It’s a lot easier to see a .com blog than it is to see a
    2. Bragging rights and full ownership of content.
    The WordPress App can’t leave comments on .com blogs but check your stats, if the majority of your commenters were referred from your WordPress reader or use a wordpress app to read you, then you’ll know what to do.
    I’m currently considering this myself.
    And I love that poem.


  2. Am considering a .com too, I am also feeling like it means another level of commitment because hmm, some body can not come and pay money to upgrade then still be trying to manage inconsistencies


  3. I Think this is a personal thing.
    there are some technical details you might need to familiarize yourself with just in case.
    Advantages of the switch over is rather magnanimous especially the idea of reaching a wider audience and visibility.
    The fear of losing your content can be averted if you’d backup your blog using the different backup tools available. I’d suggest you use MyOpera, Zanga or the likes.
    it will make things easy but there is a likehood that you might lose your followers and the comment section might be unresponsive for a time
    Do not panic,I will help in anyway I can when you are ready.

    I am considering switching over too, losing my former blog has taught me few things. Till then, for now I am keeping my hand and feet cross


  4. Hi Adaeze, if you don’t want to be bothered with the issues that may come with .com, just buy the domain name and continue to be hosted on On your dashboard, you’ll probably see a notification from wordpress about available .com names for your blog.

    If you just buy the domain name, the name of you blog will change to reflect the .com status, nothing else will change. You can carry on as before as you will still be hosted on

    Then whenever you want to make the full migration to be hosted on another platform you can do so. The advantage is that you secure your .com name, but continue as if nothing changed.

    I hope this helps.


  5. Yes @livelytwist that’s exactly what I did with my blog. It’s still hosted on blogger but it has a dot com because it’s better when researched.
    The domain name is not too expensive but with the exchange rate, it was a bit too high when I had to renew this year.
    I looooooooooovvvvveee your new blog theme.


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