Epp my ministry.

Sweet November!

Remember the movie? I’ve never watched it, movies aren’t really my thing. Back to the matter, welcome to November- the month just before the absolute best month of the year. I’m hoping November will be spectacular for all of us.


This post will be rather short, I’m here to shamelessly beg for a favour. I entered for a literary competition organised by Sgnt Media titled Clash of the Titans. and I need your help to get to the final stage.

How can you help? Please follow this link Kolanut Palava by Adaeze and click on the blue love/heart icon- yes it is that easy! The competition is fierce and to be honest, every story on that list is amazing.


I need you to vote for me and please share the link on your social media pages and help solicit for votes for me. This soliciting for votes makes me uncomfortable but I can’t write about my decision to launch into scary waters and heights  without putting my money where my mouth is.


Voting ends on the fifteenth of this month, there’s time but not too much time. Let’s do this…



      1. I noticed someone put up same article as yours with the same content but with another title. I felt to bring it to your notice to acts on it. Benjamin Odoemela is the name under the title *A night to remember*

      2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ve told them and they’ve sorted it out. I didn’t realise that I haven’t replied you.

  1. Serious? @Immanuel.
    Nne…you have to do something about this ooo…haba!
    They can’t be copying and pasting our master piece.
    I tried to vote the first time through the facebook link and I think it worked but I’ll vote again.


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