Pain might fade.

I wrote about regret a month or two ago, talking about how regret was necessary and no one should be ashamed of regret. However in her comment, Timi of the of my many writing mentors- nobody does dialogue like her!) reminded me that the pain of things gone wrong will fade with time and will fade from regret to scar tissue.


Sometimes it seems like we’ll never recover from certain kind of pain, sometimes we never really do. However we will learn to live with it, to adapt to the new realities and eventually it will seem as if we are indeed strong.


October is a sombre month for me, many memories of people I have lost and of things that didn’t quite go according to plan. In a way, October is a month I dread a little. Yet I’m finding joy this month even in things that make no sense and the memories seem a little less deadly. Maybe I have begun to heal and maybe I’m holding happiness by the tail and swinging in rhythm with it, so many maybes?


I took a couple (ok, not a couple) of snapshots this morning and they made me realise that even in October, Sunrise is still beautiful and I can still smile.


Today’s also the birthday of many special people, the most special of them is Chidiebere who with his twin- Chinedu added one to the number of their ages. Chidiebere (he hates being called Chidi) and I have been friends for over a decade and he’s all the shades of cool and all the tones of amazing. Happy birthday Darling, I wish you everything spectacularly beautiful in this new year. But you never send venue sha, how we go align for the groove?



  1. How in the world were you able to get the snapshot of the sunrise! It’s so beautiful. Awww
    Thank God for time, that’s making your healing process endurable


  2. Why does it seem like this post is talking directly to me, I was dreading this month before now, because in Oct last year, I had some bad experiences with someone, And I must say its good riddance to bad rubbish. This mintb has been all shades of happiness, sometimes i sit down nd start laughing, like is this me? Never believed I could make it this far, M celebrating myself for being this strong. I dont look like what I have been through. God is awesome and thanks Chynanu for reminding me!!😀


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