Uterus rights

After the American Vice Presidential debate where one of the issues tabled was abortion, a great debate has raged on social media on the subject. With those who believe no woman should terminate a pregnancy (Pro-lifers) having intense clashes with those who believe that a woman has a choice to determine whether to keep a baby or not and should access to an abortion (Pro-Choicers). Here are my thoughts on the matter.


We can spend days arguing from the Pro-life or Pro-choice points of view, We can sermonise and point fingers or come to blows on the topic but it doesn’t matter, it’s all talk.

As I write this, a seventeen year old is walking into a chemist’s shop to “do flushing”. Another is inserting potash into her vagina while yet another is sitting with her legs opened wide while a clothes hanger is used to scrape her uterus. They will still be more who would take herbal concoctions and decoctions to do the job. It doesn’t really matter how, they will find a way.


Whether we like it or not, or if it conflicts with our beliefs and values, women will still take out embryos, foetuses or unborn children (depending on how you want to describe it). They will do it for many reasons, from the trivial to the grave and heavy.


Continuing to make abortions illegal will not, cannot stop the procedure from taking place, it only makes it more dangerous. If we are serious about stopping abortions we’d take sex education seriously and enforce it from primary to secondary school, enable access to free contraceptives to young people- yes even to teenagers (again they will do what they want regardless of how loudly you preach), establish a comprehensive welfare system that a young mother can rely on to get help for herself and her child because for all the talk Pro-lifers do, none of them will be there to help the countless young women who have to care for a child single handedly. If we could also stop the stigma on single mothers- especially with regards to marriage, that would halt many abortions.


I’ll say it again, women will terminate pregnancies whether we like it or not. You really can not stop any one from doing what she wants to do with her body no matter how immoral or heinous you think that action is. Let’s make the process safer, regardless of our distaste for it and our latent hypocrisy.



  1. Well said.

    Focusing on the discussion rather than proper sex education at an early age is simply putting the cart before the horse. It will happen despite our beliefs or lack of.


  2. Making abortion illegal or not won’t stop people from actually having abortion. Like telling people not to kill or steal public funds won’t stop people from doing such. What it does is simple, such laws curtail such actions,makes that there is a penalty. Same as proper sex education. No matter how much you teach someone, when the time to make a decision comes, they’re doing to choose–to apply or discard what they know. The law and education works hand in hand…


  3. I am an unrepentant pro-lifer. But looking at the matter under discussion objectively, especially bring different sceneries into focus, it will be understood that the lack of the fear of God and breakdown of family structure in the society is the steep undetected cause of this whole mess.

    The choice to keep a baby or not is not suppose to be the decision of the lady alone exclusion to rape situation which can be quite tricky.

    You don’t your body. Its time people wake up from that mentality


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