Your reward isn’t in heaven.

Happy World Teachers day to all the teachers in my life, from my first teachers who I call Nne na Nna, who continue to teach me amazing things even though the world thinks me an adult and who still teach many others and mould many lives, to the many men and women who have stood in front of a board, across a TV screen and sometimes just armed with a table and a tray, all in the bid to make my brain a little heavier.


I wonder how you do it, find the passion to pass knowledge to the future and yet your vocation is ridiculed with ease and in Nigeria, you are very poorly renumerated and work with outdated tools. How do you keep it together, keep from losing your mind in a place where money is worshipped and knowledge a spare tire?


They like to say your reward is in heaven, while they build mansions with our commonwealth and their children do not even sit within the walls of despair that we call classrooms. It’s so gratifying to see your children from your bodies and born in your hearts at the top of their fields, blazing your efforts across the world.


I also remember my teachers who are no longer with us, from Aunty Chioma Obogwu who was the first person to encourage me to sing in spite of that crippling shyness, Mr Zakari who read the first poem I ever wrote and told me to keep writing, Mr Ubom who knew the most amazing things and on one afternoon in December 2000, handed me my report card and told me I was a star (I do not know why he said that, I was going to ask him why next term but he died before we resumed). Miss Okafor who taught my brothers and I and who loved us like we were her own, Aunty Chioma (I can’t believe I forgot her surname) who was smiles and kindness even though I wasn’t her ward and most recently Uncle Bonny who was kindness and love and a special prayer on my birthday on facebook. Continue to rest in peace.



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