My mum says there were women who were named Independa, they were born on the first day of October 1960- the day Nigeria attained independence. 
Today is their birthday and Nigeria’s too but I’m pretty angry with the way things are here, with the silly progress we have made. 

So I wrote a poem for Nigeria, it’s my birthday message to a country I do not love anymore. 



  1. I love the line “I want to hate you but can’t find the passion”… Everyone is so mad at Nigeria right now. What I just keep praying for is peace amidst the hardship, i do not want a war like in the days back…this is a phase and it will pass I believe. I just blurt out my grievances and hopes about the country in my new post too.
    Lovely poem here Chy. I almost shed a tear…

    Independence Day Inspired HeadWrap – Nigeria At 56! 


  2. Hi Adaeze,

    This resonates deeply. I was mostly angry yesterday too, so angry at broken promises and crushed expectations. I wonder if things will ever get better.

    Like someone told me “It’s the only country we have”. Still, staying hopeful is hard these days.


  3. As annoying as the situation of the country is, I still see the clinging hope even in your tone here; It’s like having hope when faith is faint… However that works, deep down somewhere in there, we pray Nigeria gets it right soon enough and rise again. #NigeriaWillRiseAgain

    Cheers Mamie.


  4. Your poem echoes what most Nigerians are feeling at the moment.
    Yesterday someone wished me happy independence and my reply was “who cares.?”not me”
    But the truth is I still cling to the hope that it will get better even if it doesn’t look like that right now.


    1. Lol @ who cares, no one sent me an independence day message this year, we didn’t want to celebrate it. Yet we cling to hope- that stubborn thing that refuses to die, it will get better someday we all pray.


  5. I don’t think we should be angry at Nigeria but at those at the top. Those with empty promises, who keep enriching themselves till they’re full and threatening to burst. I like the name Independa…it has a nice ring to it.
    I hate the state of the country right now, things are super expensive and it’s really not getting better.

    Lovely poem namsie.


    1. I think we all share in the blame, we haven’t been conscious about seeking positive dividends of governance from the guys at the top, we let them get away with too much.
      Ada between Monday last week and friday last week, the price of many electronics and gadgets went up by more than 10%, things are seriously getting worse!


  6. Things are hard now and it is rather unbearable to survive. Well I still always mention the fact the we got ourselves here.
    I still believe in a great Nigeria even though its hard to do so. The situation is a wakeup call for us all to be actively involved in the issue of governance instead of our apathy to such matter as yesteryears


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