All gone.

Let’s count the stars, you said

But it’s cold outside, I sputtered.

We’ll wrap ourselves in our dreams

And burn tomorrow’s worries and cares, you urged

But I said no.


Let’s dance in the rain, you said.

Pneumonia’s expensive to treat, I muttered.

What’s life without risk and wild laughter?

Let the rain make us young again, you coaxed.

But I said no.


I’ll race you to the house, you said.

My shoes aren’t for running, I whispered

Toss them like they are a thousand sorrows,

Let’s chase the wind and freedom too, you begged.

But I said no.


Let’s see the world, you said

Our purse is too lean, I reasoned.

Why let money cripple us when we can fly.

With our fairy dust wings and magic carpets, you cajoled.

But I said no.


I woke up with Yes on my lips today,

Let’s be foolish and wild and a little demented too, I shouted

Why are you so quiet? Where’s the spark in your eyes?

We waited too long and the magic is gone, you explained.

Just before you said no.









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