The Jesus Series- Let Them Come!

I was born to Christian (Anglican) parents, who were born to Christian parents, who were born to Christian parents, who were most probably born to Christian parents. I couldn’t have been anything but an Anglican, there was no other spiritual path open to me. Continue reading →


Daddy Can Change Diapers Too!

My friend Olu sort of prompted my writing Na man you be-1B with his dissatisfaction about the slant of the post, I didn’t quite agree with him even though I eventually saw his point.  I like arguing with him though- he has such a pretty pout. Anyway the new post still elicited a flurry of back and forth on WhatsApp, with him thinking that Nigerian Breweries- makers of Gulder weren’t trying to be insulting of women but just ignored them because they weren’t their target market.
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Words as Bullets

When you began to write, to scribble the stories as they came to you, to write letters to everything that moved, they cheered and clapped and told urged you on. They boasted about you to everyone they met. “Have you met her?” They would say, “She writes so well”. They would tell you it’s a gift, a blessing- these words you were given, but no one told you just how hard it would be to carry them from heart to page.
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Na Man You Be-1B

When I was developing the first part of this post, I wasn’t intending on going on a “man bashing” spree as a certain annoying friend put it. I wanted to highlight something else, however when I sat in front of my laptop… That post came almost fully formed, it was like someone had recorded it in my brain and all I needed to do was transcribe and upload on my blog. I have learnt the hard way not to interrupt such flow, to allow the words come as they are because if I don’t, whatever else I write instead will not make sense and its final destiny is to be deleted.
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