All the Liebsters

Recently I was nominated for the Liebster award by four (I think its four, I hope I’m not forgetting anyone) bloggers. It feels good to be remembered in this way, really good.




Thank you

Caleb of Caleb’s Pen Blog

Ibukun of Ibukunwrites

Esther of ExceptionalStar

Priscilla of Papberry Blog


Interestingly, they all asked the same set of questions. Good thing too! Answering the questions was already tough enough.


  1. What inspired you to start a blog: Once upon a time (around 2009 I think) I started a blog because I heard/read there was a lot of money to be made. Sadly I did not make any money from it and that blog still exists. I started this blog because I wanted to write, to put to words the worlds that lived in my head.


  1. Got any Pet Peeves? Several.


  1. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert? Definitely an introvert but I can wear an extrovert mask if I want to.


  1. If you could change anything about yourself, what would that be? Interesting question, I’ll have to think about it some more and write a post about it.


  1. What’s your favourite time of the day and why? Comfortable, Baby! If it isn’t comfortable… I will not wear it


  1. Do you have writers’ block? Don’t we all?


  1. What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery? How much is this lottery biko, if it were a million dollars, I’d cry first and give thanks to God but anything less… I’d jump up and give thanks to God.


  1. What would you do with the money? That would depend on the amount I won but tithe and charity are non-negotiable.


  1. Which talent don’t you have but want? The ability to draw and paint! To render faithfully on paper the glories of this earth as I see them.


  1. What inspires new ideas for your blog? Anything and everything.


Whew! I’m done with the questions. Time for my nominations and because I’m nice, I won’t even ask a new set of questions.


I hereby nominate You, You and You… Yep, everyone who reads this is a nominee… Tag me in your answers biko.



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