The Jesus Series- The physician came for the sick.

One of the reasons I decided to start this series was the terrible shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, yes… The gay club. I was supposed to share something on facebook but it didn’t make it to Facebook, it made its way here to become the second part of this series.

I’m writing about love today, about a man who was love and who will continue to be love.

Last week I shared a post on facebook about a man who died in the Orlando shooting, he sent his mother a text during the shooting, they texted back and forth until he died. Even now as I write this, my heart swells and my eyes sting at the thought of the torture and anguish they went through. It is not a pain I can imagine, it is not one I want to imagine.

I got some interesting comments from an interesting person. He is a Christian who hates gays and condemns the act with every cell in him. There’s no room in his heart for compassion for a mother who is grieving her son, nor for people who died in the horrific circumstances or for their loved ones just because they are gay.

According to the bible, a certain man lived on this earth. He was God but almost no one knew it, no one recognised him in his humble visage. He came on earth to reconcile man to himself, to save the lost and the reach the broken and destitute. He came at a time and to a people of great religious involvement, their religion permeated every area of their lives, from their way of business to the way they built their houses and pitched their tents, in summary- they were a very devout people.

Yet Jesus had no use for them and their religious ceremonies and rituals and expressions of piety, he declared several times that he didn’t come for them who were stiff necked, pompous in their belief that they were going straight to heaven. In Matt 9:12-13 he declared that mercy and not sacrifice was paramount, he said this when he was eating dinner in the house of the tax collector- Matthew. The Pharisees were incensed that he ate with tax collectors and other sinners, how could such a holy man, a teacher of the word (even they knew he was no ordinary man) eat with sinners.

Jesus reminded them that just as the physician is called for the sick and not the healthy, so also did he come for the lost and for the sinners. That was such an epic answer, wasn’t it? As a follower of Christ, I am not to discriminate against anyone because of their lifestyle choices or because of their very many sins. If the one who is perfection in the flesh could love me despite my very many faults, flaws and sins, how can I fail to show love to another? Besides who am I to look down on a person Christ has died for?

Jesus preached a hard gospel and he didn’t dilute his message for nobody, yet he didn’t bring a gospel of condemnation but of reconcilation. He emphasised more on the road to salvation than on the many sinners in the city, it was his desire that everyone repented and he opened his heart to them, the heart that was moved with love and kindness.

I have found that kindness and love are a more effective sermon than carefully crafted words no matter how beautiful. Who was it that said “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but they can never forget how you made them feel”? Maya Angelou.



    1. It isn’t easy to overcome one’s natural disgust for certain things but if you ask him for the grace to love others like he does… He’ll give it to you.


  1. “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but they can never forget how you made them feel”?.
    This quote summed up the whole post in an epic way. A person who perpetuate hatred externally and those who perpetuate hatred internally by being intolerance are Siamese twins. Let us show love to the dying one because it will get worse till Jesus comes.
    Hate the Sin but love and pray for the sinner – that’s the Jesus Way


  2. Casting crowns said “Instead of shouting what you’re against, preach what you’re for.”

    Very beautiful post.


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