The Jesus Series- Let Them Come!

I was born to Christian (Anglican) parents, who were born to Christian parents, who were born to Christian parents, who were most probably born to Christian parents. I couldn’t have been anything but an Anglican, there was no other spiritual path open to me.


However, I could walk away from Christianity any day, could turn my back on the religion that houses the loudest hypocrites in this world, I could shun the sect that tells me that I cannot lead the church because I do not have a penis or that I should learn in silence and not have a voice because I have a certain chromosome with double X markers. I could do that without missing a beat but I cannot fall out of love with Jesus.


I learnt how to read by using “My book of bible stories” and just after my sixth birthday, my aunty Chinanu gave me her bible which became my constant reading material. Even as a six year old I was fascinated with Jesus, the dude was amazing! He spoke his mind yet was considerate of others and of their faults and failings, he spoke with fire and authority yet was kind and mild to the downtrodden. He was scathing in his contempt for those who pretended to be close to God yet did not know him but he communed with “sinners’ and brought them to his bosom.


Even if Jesus was just a prophet and not the son of God, even if he did not resurrect, yes even if Christianity is a lie, I would still love Jesus. He would still be the standard by which I lived my life, he would still be the template for who I hope to be tomorrow.


Yet I find that I write about a wide range of topics on this blog and I rarely write about Jesus (not church stuff, I write about that a lot), I don’t write about the simple things and the important things. So I’ll be running a series which I’m titling the Jesus series, I’d be talking about certain parables and sayings of Jesus and telling you a little about how important they are to me.


Kicking off the series is “Let the little children come to me” from Matt 19:13, Luke 18:6 and Mark 10:14.


The bible records that Jesus healed various diseases, raised men and girl from the dead- Lazarus, The son of the widow of Nain, Jairus’ daughter and reconciled the lost to God. While his disciples might not have known that he was the son of God and the messiah, they did know that he was a prophet in the mould of Moses and Elijah. There’s no pastor, general overseer, priest, bishop and even the pope who had more power and authority than Jesus yet he was accessible to everyone. Even when parents brought their children to be blessed and his disciples felt they weren’t important enough to disturb the great master, Jesus quickly dispelled that notion and told them that the kingdom of heaven belonged to the children


Every human being was made for God’s glory and we are all very valuable to God, no matter how important I am or how choked up with work and other activities I am, it is essential for me to treat others (especially those who the world would consider insignificant) with dignity and respect. It is also important that I mentor the next generation whenever I can, nobody stays on earth forever (even Jesus checked out before he turned forty) and it is imperative to cultivate the planting of God’s word and decent values in the lives of teens and preteens.





  1. Lovely childhood memories come to mind.

    ‘My book of bible stories’ introduced me to the gospel in a remarkable way. It was such an interesting book that explained the progression from creation to Christ in a manner that held the readers hand gently, taking them on a profound stroll through the word of God.

    The Jesus Series sounds great, well done Adaeze. 🙂


    1. Oluchee your post is so funny! Your brother is such a lovely young man too. I believe in African juju too, there are many powers in this world, so many. It is foolishness to pretend that they do not exist, the bible tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood…
      Please continue this series, please, please, please!


  2. And now my darling Chynanu is on fire!!! Lol. I could you see you in my mind being a good pastor’ress’.


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