Five days in the Coal City

I haven’t been here for a while, did you miss me? did you even notice I was gone? 🙂 How have you been? What’s the latest news? yarn me gist jare. First of all (go down low) I want to thank everyone who commented on my penultimate post when I talked about having malaria. I haven’t replied to the comments yet due to a few factors which I’ll explain later. Thanks so much for caring.


So last week, I travelled to Enugu for a conference. The association of community pharmacists in Nigeria held their annual conference in Enugu and my company had a stand there. Because Enugu falls into my “area” (we’re all in East-1) I was drafted to attend.


I’d been to Enugu state thrice before, for an excursion to a pharmaceutical company in my fourth year in Uniben, to visit my friend when we came to the east for Christmas and my friend’s (same friend) traditional wedding last year. The coal city state has got to be one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria, the hills are so beautiful! Gosh!


I loved the city even though I’d go crazy living there, transport is so cheap! You could go the same distance as Ikeja to VI and pay fifty naira… Yes! Fifty naira! There’s minimal traffic so you don’t even have to wake up at 4am to prepare for work and leave the house before 5:30am. You can leave your house at 7am and get to work before 7:30 (Lekki to Ikeja distance ooo) especially if you have a car and don’t have to wait for buses to fill up. That’s another cool thing I noticed, no one was rushing for buses, I was so jealous!


It was a beautiful experience for me, I got to see several classmates who live in various parts of Nigeria, I spent time with two of my maternal cousins and it was lit! I couldn’t blog though because I didn’t take my laptop. Speaking of laptops, mine is seriously faulty (battery issues, amongst a host of other small and annoying issues) if the lord touches your heart to bless me with a brand new laptop, HP, Macbook or even Toshiba (I’ll manage that one), buzz me and let me know… I’m serious oooooooo.


What’s a travel post without picturesimage









I took a lot of bathroom selfies


Recommended posts: Pastor M of DCC (David’s Christian Center) has been running a series of posts centered around the When Women Pray Conference tagged AMAGHIMO, I really wish I can attend this one even though I have no idea how I’ll do it. All the posts in the series have been written for me in particular but this one made me cry and worship the God of heaven and earth.  Needing no aid

Judith of the The Eve in me ran a series on “forgotten” women of the bible. I loved the concept and thought it beautiful! It reminded me of “A lineage of grace” by Francine Rivers. I really wish she’d make the series a full book, even if it’s just an eBook! I’d support in any way I can.

This is the first story of the series  Rizpah- Day 1

I haven’t finished reading the series but what I’ve seen, I’ve loved.

I love rain (when I’m indoors!) The smell of it, the sound of it, the sight of it. Am I the only one who loves rain? Nope! Obianuju included her feelings about rain and a testimony too in her latest post.
Remember all the questions I asked in the first paragraph? Oya drop the answers in the comment section.


  1. I did ophthalmic nursing in Enugu, it’s a beautiful city, transport cheap, fruits and vegetables cheap but it would drive me crazy living there too.
    Do enjoy your stay.


  2. I just passed Enugu once…I mean…I stopped to by flowers but I heard the place is beautiful. I love travelling and I love conferences too.
    Hope you had fun? Nothing happened here ooo…we just entered a new month, dazall.


    1. Adaeze of lifey!!, see flexing! Lolz….. all of this qwesion???……..lemme relax biko!

      We misses you ooo, not much gist though as life has just been happening..
      I can see you had a swell time


  3. Thats how you’ll be cruising states and I’m just stuck in one place. See this life. Hope you’ve been representing and letting no one steal your joy!


      1. Ofcourse you were. I was hoping you were “cruising” so i could live vicariously through you Hugggss

  4. Common dear, i was enjoying ur experience and feeling like i was there until we got to the bathroom selfies, i hate bathroom selfies jare. Reminds me of a crazy experience i had.


      1. Hmmm. Ok, it was at a big hotel in Abuja, when i was in school, we went for a chuch programme. So i walked into the toilet(how do people even walk into the toilet of big hotels and not take pictures) and started taking selfies. click, clack, bent my neck this way,brought out my chest that way, pouted my lips and some other things ladies do when they take selfies. Unknown to me i had walked into a lady’s toilet. One lady had been staring at me through one of the toilets door and i was oblivious of that. Now imagine my shock when like 5 gals walked in together at the same time…,it was a horrifying experience. Somehw me n dt lady staring at me became frndz, however, till date she has a had time blieving i’m nt gay.

        Like u said, i just wanted to try something crazy

  5. The 8th Pic is that an Ankara top? Love it.
    I have passed through Enugu once – Cant remember what it looked like but from the pictures … I can Imagine it.
    Bathroom pictures are a must when you not around friends that can take a pic of you.
    Lovely pictures.


    1. It isn’t an ankara top, thanks for loving it though. Enugu is beautiful though, very beautiful. Lol @ Bathroom pictures are a must, there a few people who’d disagree with you.


  6. I’ve been to enugu like 5 times or 6 times, I love the city really!
    Cheap transport, cheap hotel that aren’t crappy .
    Also been to one village in enugu for my friends trad ,it felt like i was on a set of a Nigerian movie. She actually said some parts of the village are used for movies. I loved the experience
    To your questions… I’m fine,thank you!


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