Modern Hymns- We wait on you

Gospel music, especially the Nigerian variety isn’t really my cup of tea. Why? I like music that had seen plenty effort and thought during its production, you hear a song and think the writer, singer, producer, drummer etc was not in an earthly dimension when they did this song. Plenty gospel songs do not even sound like someone put in thought to the lyrics or the arrangement of the song, they just couple it together. 


I know it’s gospel music and anointed music too but that’s no excuse to make zero effort, besides not all gospel singers are anointed, truth is if the singer is anointed… you will even feel it in the music. Besides, the God who made the heaven and the earth with all the splendor and flourishes is not a mediocre God. How then can you release an ‘anyhow’ song to worship him? Are you high on cheap drugs?UNDER-A-SPELL-e1460975925945


The one that kills my spirit are the people who will go to the studio, book time and even get backup artistes and everything, only to go in there to sing other people’s songs without even bringing a fresh flavour or style to the table. Imagine a secular musician going to the studio to just do covers of other people’s songs, would we take him or her seriously?


However there are Nigerians who are anointed and doing great songs, from Nathaniel Bassey, Eben, Preye, Frank Edwards, Sammie Okposo, Joe Praiz, Tim Godfrey, Gloreeyah among others. Now there’s a new name in that galaxy, his name is Steve Crown. He’s a worship leader who hails from Benue state and started his career as a chorister in an Anglican church, every song on his album is a masterpiece.


He’s cute too… I have eyes, don’t I?


“You are Great” has become a national anthem of sorts and I was even going to put up the song here but Tamie had already put it up today, check it out Here. My mum just got back from the village (I’m just seeing her for the first time in three weeks) and she brought his album with her. She’d bought a copy on her way to the village and forgot it there but she still got another one today… That’s how much she loves the album. As I listened to ‘We wait on you’, the simple lyrics of the song struck me and I knew that I had to share it with y’all.


We Wait On You 

Holy Spirit you are welcome
Fill this temple with your presence
Holy Spirit you are welcome
Fill this temple with your presence
We wait on you
Lord we wait on you
We wait on you
Lord we wait on you
Holy Spirit you are welcome
FIll this temple with your presence

We wait on you
Lord we wait on you
We wait on you lord we wait on you



  1. Steve Crown is sure in that galaxy! There is just that connection with his songs. I like wait on you too …simple song o,but just right with the heart.
    Nat Bassey!! I love this guy! And a number of those artistes you mentioned.
    Those that just do covers of other peoples songs ,don’t think they should be called gospel artistes.


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