Show me the money.

“I see your blog posts on facebook and twitter, you’re really serious about this your blogging. Very soon you’ll be moving to Banana Island too”


“You want me to keep reading your blog posts when you are not paying me, right? Even though you are rolling in blogging money.”


“Everyday you write something new for your blog yet you tell me that you are not making money. Story for the gods! You can’t keep deceiving me and telling me that it is passion or love for writing. Who passion epp?”


I get one of these responses at least weekly and I’m pretty sure that many Nigerian bloggers get them or something similar. I’m tired of explaining that my tiny traffic is not what advertisers are looking for and that’ s where the money comes from.


The inevitable rejoinder is “How come Linda is making all that money?” I explain that Linda and other gossip bloggers get traffic because they update news and gossip and these days most of us are getting information from social media sites and such blogs so they get more traffic.

“Become a gossip blogger nah”

“But I have no interest in reporting gossip, in sharing what celeb did what… I don’t even want to know anything about them about from their art- whatever it is, or their science or politics or sports.”

“Gain the interest, Rome wasn’t built in a day… if you start now, you can become big in less than a year.”

When you tell them how much work goes into that kind of blogging, how competitive it is to be always on the go and to be the one with the hottest and latest scoop, how tiring it is to put up fifteen to thirty posts daily and to know that you have to sustain that tempo daily whether you feel like it or not. They still look at you with suspicion and you know that saying anything further is useless.


How come it is hard for people, for us to accept passion at face value? Why will they always look for an ulterior motive or hidden story? What’s wrong with giving your all to something even if the gains are not financial? Isn’t a sense of fulfillment worth anything in this world anymore?


Away from money talk, the temperatures these days have got to be breaking records. It is so hot! I have been sweating buckets this week and I thought it was hot in Benin but I came into Lagos yesterday and discovered that Lagos is even hotter and it’s worse at night. EKEDC isn’t helping matters but we know that already, they have never been useful. We need to take climate change and the issues surrounding it more seriously, our world is changing rapidly and if we do not stem the tide… we might have nothing to leave to our children.


The upside for me is that I’m with my family, internet and electricity (generator produced) is more stable. I’m beginning to see that for all the bad rep Lagos get, there are many perks too. Do you know that you cannot see a single Pepsi, Miranda or 7-Up long throat 60cl bottle in Benin? Yes, something as basic and ordinary as that. As for Coca-Cola and fanta 60cl versions? same story. Let’s not talk about the price of petrol which Lagosians can get at normal prices at some filling stations, in other parts of the country… that is not the same story.

So gist me, what are your plans for the weekend? What’s going down, where are you turning up? My friend Hero is getting married in a few hours and another friend Oris who is the best music and film critic in Nigeria today will be a year older too. I don’t think Oris will have a party though… we can only hope, can’t we?


Have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to do something phenomenal…






  1. Lol Ada share the blog money biko .. lol

    I’ve got a wedding this weekend…might be attending. That would be the first wedding this year, if i get around attending.


  2. Hiding in the house becos of heat. Their name is nepa! Forget tht fancy acronym ekhedc.. actually there is no place like Lagos. The heat is excessive. I care less about celeb gossips.. your money will grow like palm tree not grass.. they should be patient! Hian..😑


  3. See ehn..on a normal day I don’t sweat on my my face drips sweat and it’s disgusting! I can’t say I want to go out one minute..I’m already sweating!!!
    Sigh this lagos is crazy


  4. Yes ooo….I get those comments often but I quote Chinua Achebe’s words to them. I don’t think I can remember the exact words but I know he said that a writer is first of all a writer before a money-maker and a writer thinks of how people should perceive his/her writings first of all before thinking of the money he/she can make from it.
    I know many people think that I’m crazy for posting stories but I love it.
    May God help us to build out own houses whether in banana Island or not.
    As for the heat and fuel scarcity and the constant running of generators, it’s only God that’ll help us. Water nko? Lagos State has not supplied water for months now.


  5. Adaeze biko share the money Lolz.

    Seriously its crazy how some people thinks everything has to revolve around money. Like you said, what happens to passion, doing something that gives you satisfaction and supporting a cause that bless humanity. Thats is why i make sure No one knows I blog set except my BFF.

    And the Lagos heat, mehn the heat is on another plane having fun of it life. Making omelette just got easier. Now I slept literally naked on the floor through the night, its crazy.

    Thanks for posting this


  6. Hi Adaeze,

    Lol @ Very soon you’ll be moving to Banana Island too”

    LIB has given new expectations and definitions of the word “Blogger” 😀

    I recall telling someone that I had a blog, (this was around the online and offline world was agog with excitement at the Banana Island news) and with much amusement she said to me “Really, so you want to be like Linda”

    Ah! Passion without financial rewards seems puzzling to some people.


  7. Omg!!!!! Sister you nailed it!!!!!!! Abeg, I need peace of mind for this our naija. Must I do what others are doing? Will you sponsor if I decide to do it?? Hmmmmmmmm thank you dear.


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