A non-APC Change

Sometime in February, I attended a job interview that ended with an offer in Benin City. Thinking about leaving home was distressing for me, the only thing that perhaps made it easier was the fact that apart from Lagos, Benin City was the town I’d spent most time in (nearly seven years).


Yet I had a certain peace about going to Benin, a sense of rightness filled me. It was like this was the only logical step, the next chapter of my life’s story. The company was silent until the last week in March when I was asked to come and take up my appointment letter and Benin City was there in black and white. I was scheduled to resume on Monday 4th of April.


Between my health issues and the gloom that hung over me because of my impending departure, updating my blog slid to the back of my mind. I am currently in Benin, I am writing this post from my aunty’s house- she tells the most amazing stories too. This week has been hectic, I have travelled to Onitsha and back three times this week and seen the Niger Bridge more times than I’d done in 2015.


I haven’t gotten my own place yet, I’ll start hunting from tomorrow. Electricity supply here is erratically terrible, Airtel network is not helping my hustle and the fuel scarcity has got to be the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria this year. Visiting blogs has been a challenge- I had no idea how easy things were in Lagos especially as regards network!


So tell me about you, how has April been for you? I also hope y’all kept my Easter chicken too.



  1. Wished you all the best in your new endeavour and a toast to a new experience too. Don’t worry everything will be fine.

    Easter chicken? You should probably be confident that i will kept yours till you come back😁.
    We missed you in lag though


  2. Easter chicken or the bones?? Tht nepa n netwrk n fuel.. nne… we have resigned ourselves. You shld see grown adults jubilating over nepa(allow me to cll them nepa).. as for fuel. Every litre is micro managed.


  3. Change is hard at first, then it gets easier. I like the newness that comes with it.

    Yes, I know the peace that comes with making a right decision, that sense of rightness is everything. 🙂

    Congrats on the new job and best wishes!


  4. Congrats on the new job.

    Benin!! A town that silently stole my heart. (Story for another day)
    I pray you got get settled soon.

    Easter chicken haff finis taytay..


  5. Awww…I guessed that you’d moved when your posts stopped coming in regularly. I wish you all the best of luck in the ancient city.
    Easter chicken has gone to roost.
    Congrats on the new job.


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