How To Say Goodbye.

Nobody teaches you to say goodbye,

We tell the baby to say bye-bye,

we wave their little hands and hope that,

next time they’ll do it on their own.

Goodbye is not an easy word,

We sing ‘I love you’ at the break of dawn,

‘thank you’ at the end of every meal

and ‘you are beautiful’ to the one who lights our lives

There is no comfort in goodbye,

not like the gaiety of friendship,

the acceptance that is family’s bosom,

or the sprinkling of joy that comes with love.


I think of us and the distance that quaffs you and me,

the things I had failed to say rise in my throat like leftover bile.

Nobody teaches you to say goodbye,

because life will not fail to hand its lesson.



  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Adaeze Chynanu of life!! The words were just doing my stomach and heart one kind!

    Very beautiful piece! Love it.


  2. I enjoyed reading this piece. There are all sorts of Goodbyes:

    1. The sort that bring relief as in good riddance to bad rubbish. 😀

    2. The cheerful sort that comes with the promise of reliving the wonderful experience of the recipient’s company.

    3. The painful sort that signals finality as in the loss of a loved one, with the regret of things not said or done, things that would never be said or done again.


    1. Lol @ good riddance!

      I like the cheerful spin you put in the second sort of goodbye, I was feeling pretty low when I wrote this and your comment made me smile.


  3. Very true….goodbye is one of the hardest words to say especially if it has to do with a loved one. May God help us. Thank God for internet, phones and social media, our goodbyes are not so heart-breaking anymore.


    1. Saying goodbye to a loved one can be pretty hard, however phones and social media help us connect more… but sometimes push us even further apart.


  4. Adaeze, the writer has written again. Nice. I enjoyed reading this. Goodbye is not any easy. But the beauty is that it births a new “welcome”.

    The more goodbyes we get/give, the more welcomes we receive/bring. 🙂


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