Lyrically- Originality

Faze has got to be my favourite Nigerian male vocalist- only Darey comes close in my opinion and Darey was trained in classical music so I think he’s more about technique than Faze who’s more about talent.

Anyway I’m kicking off Lyrically with him, I wanted to feature Need Somebody but I couldn’t find it anywhere- I guess I’ll have to write out the lyrics myself. Originality is one of my favourite Faze songs. Apart from the inspiring message of the song, I used to use it to drive my brothers crazy. My brothers, especially Obinna like to call me Daze. Yes it sounds similar to Faze… so at the end of the song, I’d chant Daze repeatedly too… they’d get so mad!

Khaki no be leather
Na we own the society
I get ability
Na we be VIP
promoting peace and tranquility

I’m making all the cheddar
People eye dey redder
Since khaki turn to agbada
People know me wella
If you no know me brother
I no like wahala
I’m a cool headed guy, I no like kasala
If you wan know me better
go wake Baba Fela
I done dey since the time of Nelson Mandela
Ask Sanjo Stella, Fashola and Bola
you go see say na true I dey yarn you wella

Na we own the society
I get ability
Na we be VIP
promoting peace and tranquility

I dey since Saro Wiwa
Murtala, Gowon, Dele Giwa,
Soyinka, MKO Abiola,
Shagari, Awolowo, Oduduwa
mo ti wa tipe
Just to tell you how far
Tafawa Balewa, Herbert Macaulay,
Ahmadu Bello, Jaja of Opobo,
Tai Solarin, Princess Moremi
what of me
Una go halla my name one day o


Ras Kimono
Onyeka Onwenu
I.K. Dairo, Osigwe
Sir Victor Uwaifo
Orlando Owoh o
Junior and Pretty
Blakkie, Christy Essien Igbokwe o
Chris Okotie o, Mike Okri
Sunny Ade, Alex O o
Majek Fashek o
Evi Edna Ogoli, Charlie boy
Ebenezer Obey
Oliver De Coque
Bright Chimezie
Baba Fela o, Sunny Okosun
Eddie Okonta
Lucky Dube
Felix Liberty
Dan maraya Jos

One day, One day
Una go halla my name o

Faze faze faze (till fade)



  1. Haha @ Daze.
    I don’t know why ooo but I’m not big on Dare and my friends think I must have fallen out of space to say that. I like Faze, he is original. I wish naija could have more original artistes…I’m tired of the same tune all the time.


  2. **Singing.. Originality.. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooohhhhh! Oh.. Una go Halla my name one daaaaaayy oh!!! Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ooooohhhhh! heheh Thanks for giving me a Nostalgic feeling Otunne.. This was a ghen ghen read 🙂


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