Of historic days once in four years.

I didn’t even want to blog today, writing has been difficult for me. Sometimes it is hard for me to face my laptop or tablet and start pouring out pieces of my soul- that’s what writing is for me most times.

I just realised that today’s Febuary 29th and we all know that it comes up once in four years. This time four years ago, I wasn’t blogging and who knows where we’ll be in 202o(who remembers vision 2020? I don old sha)


Speaking of historic events, I saw Adaeze of Adaezewrites today! She is BEAUTIFUL! If I were male, I’d be seriously tripping. I had a fabulous time with her and Ugo at Leisure mall (we were kinda celebrating Ugo’s birthday), I didn’t even remember to take a picture with my phone. Pictures will come soon though.

So how was your day? Gimme gist.



  1. The sun did me strong thing o 😮 As in it was a once in four years kinda sun. I was dripping water like cray 😦 Thank God for the rain today.


    1. Nne the sun ehn! it was like we had offended the sun (someone even said the ozone layer had broken). I join you to thank God for the rain.


  2. Awwgghhh! Wait first! Before I start AwwgghiinG! Just hoLLuPP first! Whatt?!! You Blog with your Tablet! Omo!! Ya the real MVP of Blogger oh! That thing is HARRRRDDD!!! With all the many many touching boRRy mistakes.. One literally has to proof read like 10 Times 😦 Weldone oh!.. After Bella Naija na you oh! Oya Back to my Awwgghing!

    Awwwghhh! Nice gesture you guys did there with Egwumba.. He is a great Young man worthy of staying in contact with.

    heheheheh @Vision 2020! Nne forgeRRabouRRit! That one e haf pass..

    GOD Keep us Ada of Destiny.. in 4 years Time yeah.. We all and all we know will be doing great and ghen ghen things.. by his grace. Blessings Otunne. xx

    P.S: Like the great Erniesha once told me years ago.. “No matter what Bubba.. DONT LOSE YOUR MOJO!!! Cause we all started this for a reason.. and till that is achieved ba.. Please Dont lose your Mojo”


  3. I just checked your blog and read….and saw my name, and then…bam! Me? Beautiful! Wow! I am so flattered dear, thank you….so much. You are very very captivating and so beautiful and I love your smile. I was so touched that you decided to invite me to Ugo’s birthday hangout yesterday and it was so much fun hanging out with you both.

    Yes, 2020 is 4 years away and soon it’ll be here like lightening. Let’s forget that vision 2020 yadayada jare…and face our goals. We’ll definitely make it big with or without the vision.
    God bless you darling.


  4. 29th February 2016 was a historic day indeed… Ugo’s birthday hangout: I like the way that sounds, lol. It was fun being with the two best Adaezes in the whole wide world… I have a lot to learn from these two Adas’ I am sure, especially from the way they smile and so on.

    Apart from the hangout, the heat that day was something else. I am still wondering how I made it…lol


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