SMWLagos- Snippets

   The Social Media Week Lagos is still on, it’s still lit, it’s still rocking hard. The number of attendees has steadily increased and the tempo and quality of the discussions has been sustained. For me, it has been goldmine of opportunities and connections, you could literally be sitting across from a person who has answers to your most burning questions- I saw that happen several times today. 

  Whenever I intoduced myself as a blogger, I almost always got asked what my niche was. I found myself floundering when trying to answer that question because I had deliberately decided to be fluid with my content when I’d started this blog. Another thing I got asked a lot for was my complimentary card, which I didn’t have. Complimentary cards were exchanged often, I’m pretty sure that thousands of cards have been exchanged daily and almost the same number of collaborations were formed.

Today I met a beautiful, female Nigerian-American  who did not think that Nollywood is the wasteland we like to think that it is. I had a nice time talking with her and I’m so bummed that I didn’t take any picture of her, . Speaking of pictures, here are a few of the pictures I took of and at the event.


                                                                SMWL model

The interactive pavilion/ the hub

image My friend Charles who I ran into at the interactive pavilion, we had a great time today.

image Spinlet/Beat fm session with MI and Eldee, I didn’t attend but I took this shot as I was walking past the venue.

image I like this picture for reasons I don’t even understand

image Cheeks!

image Landmark event center is on the shoreline, there’s a beach behind it but I couldn’t access it though.

The social media careers panel, Nobel Igwe was fantastic!
My homie Ayodeji finishing work *as they’d say in Benin*, he was a panelist for a content marketing session and he was fabulous (I’m not saying it cos I know him).

The week has not been without hitches and minor disappointments but with an event of this magnitude, it is to the credit of the organizers that these hitches have not in anyway marred the seamless tapestry of the event.

Even though the Social Media Week’s has attracted a mostly younger demographic, I have been impressed by the number of people who do not fall into the traditional age range of active social media users. Major brands have also shown massive support, tapping into buzz and influencing conversation.

The organizers of the SMWLagos have every reason to pat themselves on the back, the Igbo side of me hopes they make mega bucks from this. I believe that the kind of hardwork and passion that has made this week possible should be fully rewarded.

SMWLAGOS is ending on Friday, please come if you can.


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  1. I was there on Wednesday and I enjoyed the two sessions I took part in. However, hunger wan finish me at a point so I had to go to get lunch on Ajose and from there, I left and never turned back. I was kinda looking for you there ooo…but I didn’t see you. I arrived very early so it was a long wait before Beat Fm started their own stuff but then I enjoyed their session so much, the first one as I left as soon as it was over to the women in Tech one.
    If I can make it tomorrow, I’ll come but I’m not so sure I’ll make it though.


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