SMWLagos and My Afro Experience

The Social Media Week Lagos officially kicked off at the Landmark Centre Victoria Island Lagos and it was lit!

I got there at 10am and I had already missed out on a lot, in fact I was too late for the most important panel of the day (for me)- The Book Reading Panel and I was so hurt by the fact that I missed the panel and all the free books they were sharing upandan.


The other events made up for that disappointment and I couldn’t attend all of them because there four centers running events concurrently and I am yet to perfect my body splitting/replication spells. There was so much to learn and so many people to connect with, you really should attend if you can.


During one of the breaks, a pretty young lady wearing a black Tee shirt walked up to me and told me about a new taxi service called AFRO. She was so earnest and friendly that I had to sign up, besides I had nothing to lose. After downloading the app (about 7Mb) she gave me a voucher worth 2,500 that would expire after the social media week, the app was pretty easy to use and she showed me how to navigate and get what I wanted.


At 7:30pm, I was ready to go home and I decided to try out the app. With this app, you know the exact amount you’re going to pay even before you order the ride. For me that is a big plus because metered rides aren’t compatible with the Lagos traffic situation. I put in my location and my destination and got a price which I could beat down to the minimum price (I think that’s a clever move for attracting Nigerians who are bargain conscious). I was pleasantly shocked to see that the minimum price from Victoria Island to my hood of Aguda Surulere was 1,900 and the starting price was 3,100. The price was epic cheap.


In Lagos, taxi cabs are rather expensive. Last year when I was in Abuja for my friend’s wedding, I was to take a cab from my aunt’s area to the reception venue. My cousin had told me to pay about 500-600 naira but the driver insisted on 1000 (maybe he felt I was loaded because I wore iro and buba). As we kept going, I got apprehensive about whether the driver even knew the venue. We were going on and on and on, there was a part of me that expected the driver to triple the fee when we got to my destination. To my surprise he finally dropped me off and even told me that he’d collected 1000 because of the fuel scarcity back then. If I had taken a cab ride for that distance in Lagos, I’d be lucky to pay 4000.


Less than two minutes after I booked the ride, I got a call from Victor who was to be my driver for the ride. I gave him my location and he said he’d be there in twenty minutes, he came right on time and picked me up. I had chosen the option of a private car instead of a taxi and the driver was the owner of the car. He was listening to Classic Fm when I got in and he gave me the option of listening to music but I had zero issues with listening to Classic fm on the long drive to Surulere.


For the second time this evening, I was pleasantly shocked. There was ZERO traffic, it was a Monday evening and there was NO traffic. It was definitely a result of lines falling for me in pleasant places. My driver was almost perfect, he knew when to talk and when to shut up (10 yards of husband material there, I can barely stand men who yak all the time and expect you to yak back). We discussed the AFRO business model and he was very satisfied with his earnings and with their structure. I was sceptical about its sustainability especially with regard to quality of service but he assured me that their services would not dip in quality for any reason and I could rely on them, he sounded very confident about what he was saying and for that I give them high marks.


I had a pleasant experience using AFRO cabs and I’d definitely use them in the future. You can download the AFRO app from Google play store and I’m pretty sure they have an ios version too.


PS: This is NOT a sponsored post.




  1. Whenever I hear anything cabs my mind shuts off. I’m still in that saving money space and honestly, apart from sometimes, I have absolutely no problem with buses.
    But hey, good for you. I see you found 10 yards of husband material. What colour is it?


    1. I’m usually in that space too but whenever I have to do Victoria Island and Ikoyi, I almost always use cabs or get a friend to take me. I don’t understand that part of Lagos at all.


      1. I had to learn by fire by force. I’m still not perfect, I’ve gotten well and truly lost a couple of times and I suspect that I’ve been cheated a couple of times but I’m getting better.
        Back to the husband material, you did not answer my question

      2. Lol! I just realised that I skipped the question, I meant husband material in that virtue not about him personally, he might be married for all I know.
        Getting better is always a good thing.

  2. You really had a good time dear. I have always heard of social media week as most of my friends attend, plus the networking and freebies are out of this world but then again, there’s really no time for me now.
    The Afro taxi sounds a bit like Uber and yes, Monday evenings are always free…when going back to Lere from the Island, Fridays are free too if you leave between 5-6 ish.
    All the same, it’s a fair price if you consider the distance as I know that from Silverbird to Aguda is about 2k as of the time I used to cab often ooo…now I can’t remember. I only take cabs when I stay out really late and I make sure that I take them at taxi parks cos I nor fit shout oo…
    I think I’ll try Afro sometime.
    Thanks for the review.


  3. Oshey!!! Advertisement of Destiny!!! Yess Bosss!! **Whispers… My Otunne be lowkey Rolling in Cash on the Low ba ๐Ÿ™‚ **Sits up on Jangolova Chair.. Truth is yeah Ada of Destiny.. Many have come and gone like Afro.. Easy Taxi was prominent at a time and making waves.. and so was ABC at a time.. even Ekene Dili Chukwu (geRRit ba?!) I keep telling myself.. and all those who bother to hear my 24v years old voice of Hope.. that the problem with Nigeria is not the availability of Infrastructure or Ideas.. But the lack of the sustainability Culture. My Dad told me this.. and it is one of the most sincere truths about Nigeria that he ever taught me. **Deep sigh… Its a long way from Freedom oh Dear Otunne.. But if Afro can TRY.. and i mean just Try to keep their A game on point.. then mbok why do we need Uber?!

    Blessings Ada.. Hellooo from the colder side ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


    1. Duru! your comments are always Epic!
      Seriously though, you’re right about those guys who came, saw but failed to conquer. I hope they sustain it though.


  4. See how we narrowly missed each other! I was at #smwbookculture. They gave is so many books, I was pleasantly surprised. And there was free breakfast, although I practically ate bottom pot because I didn’t go early(for breakfast that is). Anyway, I had a good time and the showers of blessing, even though it sounded catastrophic at first. About the rain, can we talk about how hot the weather was even after?! Probably even hotter than it was before the rain. Sha, I checked the programme for #smw but I didn’t see any other session I’d like to attend. Plus, this week is also Lagos Theatre Festival. Sadly, it isn’t free so I’ll very likely not be attending.

    On Afro cabs, I have an nkwobi/isi-ewu date this weekend. Should try them. Ngwanu, byeee!


    1. Were you the one with an your afro in a bun? Now that I think of it, I am almost certain it’s you. I was so enamoured by the hair that I had to tell her that I loved her hair.
      The weather is beyond terrible and it’s much more frustrating when you hear that in some countries, it’s like six degrees or less. They should come and take some heat from us.
      The Lagos Theatre Festival is at Freedom Park, right?


      1. Lol! Yesss! So it was you! Chai. The festival is in different locations. Terra Kulture, Freedom Park, Bogobiri, Unilag, etc. There’s more info on

      2. Oh wow! This life ehn!
        Your hair is fabulous, now I see why it inspired a book! If my hair would behave itself that way in public, I’d be natural in a flash (was natural until I was seventeen). I have a strong hunch that I’d see you at the content branding event today… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Social media week? AFRO? Am I not in the same Lagos with you people that’s hearing and choosing/not choosing to attend.. I keep getting sidelined ๐Ÿ˜ข


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